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Abortion Restrictions
Aging Population
Agriculture and Farmers
Animal Rights
Budget 2018-2019
Budget 2020-2021
Bully Law
Business Taxes
Campaign Spending Reform
Charter Schools
Common Core
Commuter Rail
Criminal Records Annulment
Daylight Saving Time
Death Penalty
Distracted Driving Laws
Drinking Age
DUI Laws
Early Education and Kindergarten
Economic Planning in NH
Electoral College Repeal
Eminent Domain Restrictions
Employment Discrimination
Expanding Medical Marijuana
Family and Medical Leave
Free Speech
Gas Tax
Gay and Transgender Rights
GMO Laws
Gun Laws
Health Insurance Marketplace
Heroin Addiction: Law Enforcement
Heroin Addiction: Treatment Funding
High School Start Times
Higher Education
Hiker Rescue Funding
Homeless and Panhandling Laws
Immigration Policy
Income Inequality
Indecent Exposure
Jobs, Trades, and Skills Training
Judge, Sheriff Age Limits
Landlord and Tenant Rights
Law Enforcement Surveillance
Legislative Process
Lyme Disease
Mandatory Car Insurance
Marijuana Decriminalization
Marijuana Legalization
Meals and Rooms Tax
Medicaid Expansion
Mental Health
Minimum Wage
Motorcycle Helmet Law
Motorcycle Noise
New Tolls
Nonprofit Taxation
Northern Pass
Old Man of the Mountain Memorial
Out-of-State Health Insurance
Physician Assisted Suicide
Police Brutality
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Prescription Drug Abuse
Prison Reform
Property Taxes
Public Employee Contract Revisions
Rape, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Referendum Statewide
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Religious Freedom
Renewable Portfolio Standard
Residential Solar Power
Retirement System Changes
Right-to-Know and Transparency
Right-to-Work Law
Road Usage Fees
School Funding: Constitutional Amendment
School Vouchers
Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant
Seat Belt Law
Self-Driving Cars
Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine
Standardized Testing in Schools
Student Vote
Term Limits
Tobacco and Smoking
Top 2 Primary System
Undocumented Student Tuition


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