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HB 1804 (2018) relative to work requirements for able-bodied adults for public assistance programs.

House/Senate Bill: House

Description: Amends the work requirements for food stamps and the New Hampshire Employment Program so that they match the work requirements New Hampshire has requested for the expanded Medicaid program. This would end a waiver in the food stamps program that allows a small number of individuals in towns with high unemployment to receive food stamps even though they are not working. There are already similar work requirements in place for the New Hampshire Employment Program, although there is only a penalty for failing to meet the requirements; this bill would require a terminantion of all benefits if a person fails to meet work requirements. The New Hampshire Employment Program provides training, job search assistance, childcare, transportation, and other help to low income individuals looking for work.

Bill Sponsor: Neal Kurk

Bill Co Sponsor: Click the "Link to Full Bill" for information

Next Hearing Date: Tue, 01/30/2018

Next Voting Date: Tue, 03/06/2018

Bill Status

Killed in the House

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