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HB 230 (2021)


Revises the procedure for posting results of child day care monitoring visits on the department of health and human services website and expands the licensee's opportunity to respond to the department's findings. In particular, this bill requires the state to give the licensee fifteen days notice before posting information, and to post any response from the licensee. This bill also requires a child day care agency employee to obtain at least 6 hours of annual continuing education or professional development. The bill requires a child care associate teacher to have 1,000 hours of supervised child care experience in a licensed child care program and 30 hours of training in child growth and development to be certified. (The 30 hours of training in child growth and development can include "documented life experience.") This bill then permits a child day care agency to appeal a decision resulting from the informal dispute resolution process. According to this bill, a child day care agency would be able to continue to operate until a final decision on the appeal, with some exceptions (notably "a present and credible threat to the health or safety of children"). This bill also prohibits the department from retaliating against the child day care agency. Lastly, this bill establishes a committee to study the creation of a neutral appeals process to review violations committed by a child day care agency.

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