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SB 134 (2021)

Omnibus bill related to civil and criminal liability, covering misuse of laser pointers to driving records


This is an omnibus bill generally related to civil and criminal liability.

First, this bill makes it a violation or misdemeanor to shine a laser pointer at vehicles, aircraft, etc. According to the House Judiciary committee, "The first part of the bill revisits 2016 legislation which made it illegal to point laser pointers at airplanes, people, and structures. The unintended consequence of the law was that many legitimate uses of lasers, such as medical lasers, research, emergency signaling, land surveying, and construction were all made illegal. Part one of the omnibus bill recognizes this, and grants exemptions for laser use in these areas."

Second, this bill amends the law governing notarial acts, primarily to accommodate electronic actions. The bill also adopts the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act.

Third, this bill changes the timeline for a state prisoner to petition for a suspended sentence.

Fourth, this bill clarifies the civil liability for damage to highways, for example to include "any structure or device that is part of the highway or turnpike system."  The House voted to remove this part of the bill.

Fifth, this bill adds a law relative to structured settlement protection.

Sixth, this bill establishes the New Hampshire collaborative law act.

Seventh, this bill makes various changes to the laws governing wills and inheritance, for example adopting the Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act.

Eighth, this bill revises background checks for school employees and volunteers, and establishes a committee to study Department of Education oversight of criminal background checks for private schools.

Ninth, this bill sends $210,000 to the Police Standards and Training Council for mental health intervention training programs.

Tenth, this bill states, "Any person who knowingly uses any device, including a mechanical or electronic device, in such a way as to unreasonably disturb the peaceful enjoyment of another person's dwelling place or its curtilage, or any person who aids in such act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor."  The Senate removed this part of the bill.

Eleventh, this bill revises the law governing the release of motor vehicle records to employers and other individuals, generally letting employers to access driving records of prospective employees.

Lastly, this bill allows a college or university to contract with a private party to grow hemp.

The Senate added many parts of this bill to another bill, HB 485.  Other parts of the bill were added to HB 224.

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