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SB 285 (2019)


Allows municipalities to unify and establish joint municipal development and revitalization districts in response to climate emergencies, such as sea-level rise, storm surge, and extreme precipitation. The bill similarly authorizes the Strafford regional planning commission, Rockingham planning commission, and participating municipalities to form a cooperative agreement to plan for and address sea-level rise, storm surge, and flooding from extreme precipitation events. This bill also allows for the creation of Coastal Resilience and Cultural and Historic Reserve Districts by municipalities, regional planning commissions, and state agencies. Those districts would be located on land that is at a high enough elevation to escape flooding and would have access to funding to preserve cultural and historic sites. The bill creates a related fund and commission to oversee the districts. Lastly, this bill directs the Department of Transportation to consider the impact of sea-level rise, storm surge, and extreme precipitation events on state highways as part of the Ten-Year Highway Plan.

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