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New Hampshire legislators have requested hundreds of bills for 2021. The legislature has yet to publish all of the bill texts. Citizens Count will continue to add bills to this page as their text is released. Our analysts read every single bill and summarize it in plain language so you can easily discover what's really up for debate. Interested in testifying for or against a bill this year? Read our tutorial.

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Bill Number Became Law? Description
HB 132 (2021) Active Prohibits minimum lot sizes for some single family homes
HB 133 (2021) Active

Allows an individual to sue a social media website for censoring…

HB 134 (2021) Active Deletes various inactive dedicated funds and adds others to the list of…
HB 135 (2021) Active Require corporations that violate clean water laws to pay for clean water supply
HB 136 (2021) Active Require schools to offer "non-binary" gender designation
HB 137 (2021) Active Exempts certain statewide standards and protocols relative to information…
HB 138 (2021) Active Parole review for life sentences
HB 139 (2021) Active Continuance for late evidence in a divorce
HB 140 (2021) Active Right to sue school for bullying
HB 141 (2021) Active Requires the Department of Environmental Services to maintain a public…
HB 142 (2021) Active

Revises the fault-based grounds of divorce to generally include "sexual…

HB 143 (2021) Active Require electronic prescriptions for controlled drugs
HB 144 (2021) Active Makes various revisions to the absentee ballot request forms and absentee…
HB 145 (2021) No Expand right to use deadly force
HB 146 (2021) Active Require list of vaccine ingredients
HB 147 (2021) Active First degree assault for attacking senior citizen
HB 148 (2021) Active Allow bigger municipal hydropower plants to join net metering
HB 149 (2021) Active Lawsuit immunity during public health emergencies
HB 15 (2021) Active Revises the Meals and Rooms tax law to clarify that all "room facilitators…
HB 150 (2021) Active Makes small technical corrections in the law governing death benefits for…
HB 151 (2021) Active Keep "undeclared" voters "undeclared"
HB 152 (2021) Active Permits the apportionment formula for a cooperative school district to be…
HB 153 (2021) Active Study universal internet access
HB 154 (2021) Active Tax incentives for low income housing construction
HB 155 (2021) Active Rename Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day
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