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New Hampshire legislators have requested hundreds of bills for 2022. The legislature has yet to publish all of the bill texts. Citizens Count will continue to add bills to this page as their text is released. Our analysts read every single bill and summarize it in plain language so you can easily discover what's really up for debate.

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Bill Number Became Law? Description
CACR 13 (2022) Active Cut legislator pay to two cents
CACR 14 (2022) Active Create a right to join a union
CACR 15 (2022) Active Let 17 year-olds vote in primaries
CACR 16 (2022) Active Require Attorney General to prosecute voter fraud
CACR 17 (2022) Active Allow voters to petition to put issues on the statewide ballot
CACR 18 (2022) Active Constitutional right to make reproductive decisions
CACR 19 (2022) Active Constitutional amendment to require paper ballots
CACR 20 (2022) Active Right to marijuana possession for personal use
CACR 21 (2022) Active Eliminate the register of probate
HB 1000 (2022) Active Prohibit "motorcycle profiling"
HB 1001 (2022) Active Let Girl Scouts issue decals for license plates
HB 1002 (2022) Active Study personal use of state-owned vehicles
HB 1003 (2022) Active Prohibit health care providers from refusing non-vaccinated patients
HB 1004 (2022) Active Misdemeanor to leave scene after dog attack
HB 1005 (2022) Active Establish New Hampshire Low-Grade Timber and Wood Emerging Market Commission
HB 1006 (2022) Active Add disclosure requirements before requesting donation for police
HB 1007 (2022) Active Make "insurrection or rebellion" grounds to exclude someone from state office
HB 1008 (2022) Active Study structure and election calendar for towns and cities
HB 1009 (2022) Active Add voter registration date to checklist
HB 1010 (2022) Active Add municipal voter history to statewide voter database
HB 1011 (2022) Active Increase penalty for vandalism of public property
HB 1012 (2022) Active Notice of tree trimming by registered mail
HB 1013 (2022) Active Allow rare disease advisory council to meet remotely
HB 1014 (2022) Active Allow and regulate virtual government meetings, without a physical meeting place
HB 1015 (2022) Active Give parents 2 weeks notice of all course material to let them object
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