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New Hampshire legislators have requested hundreds of bills for 2023. Our analysts read every single bill and summarize it in plain language so you can easily discover what's really up for debate. Click a bill number below for more detailed information on the legislation. We will continue to update this page as more bill texts are published.

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Bill Number Became Law? Description
H R 3617 (2022) Active Decriminalize marijuana at federal level
H R 4346 (2022) Active Supreme Court Security Funding Act
H R 5376 (2022) Active Inflation Reduction Act
H R 6833 (2022) Active Cap insulin copays at $35 per month
H R 7688 (2022) Active Punish companies for "excessive" fuel pricing
H R 7910 (2022) Active Various federal gun control, including ban on large capacity magazines
H R 8296 (2022) Active Women's Health Protection Act
H R 8297 (2022) Active Ensuring Access to Abortion Act
H R 8373 (2022) Active Right to Contraception Act
H R 8404 (2022) Active Respect for Marriage Act
HB 1000 (2022) Yes Prohibit "motorcycle profiling"
HB 1001 (2022) Yes Let Girl Scouts issue decals for license plates
HB 1002 (2022) No Study personal use of state-owned vehicles
HB 1003 (2022) Yes Prohibit health care providers from refusing non-vaccinated patients
HB 1004 (2022) No Misdemeanor to leave scene after dog attack
HB 1005 (2022) Yes Establish New Hampshire Low-Grade Timber and Wood Emerging Market Commission
HB 1006 (2022) No Add disclosure requirements before requesting donation for police
HB 1007 (2022) No Make "insurrection or rebellion" grounds to exclude someone from state office
HB 1008 (2022) No Study structure and election calendar for towns and cities
HB 1009 (2022) No Add voter registration date to checklist
HB 1010 (2022) Yes Add municipal voter history to statewide voter database
HB 1011 (2022) Yes Increase penalty for vandalism of public property
HB 1012 (2022) No Notice of tree trimming by registered mail
HB 1013 (2022) No Allow rare disease advisory council to meet remotely
HB 1014 (2022) No Allow and regulate virtual government meetings, without a physical meeting place
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