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New Hampshire legislators have requested hundreds of bills for 2023. Our analysts read every single bill and summarize it in plain language so you can easily discover what's really up for debate. Click a bill number below for more detailed information on the legislation. We will continue to update this page as more bill texts are published.

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Bill Number Became Law? Description
HB 1040 (2022) Yes Study alternatives to the gas tax
HB 1041 (2022) No Let legislative employees organize and collective bargain
HB 1042 (2022) No Require notice to vacationers about bacteria in water bodies
HB 1043 (2022) No Study regulations for small food businesses
HB 1044 (2022) No

If a facility exclusively provides services to persons who make direct…

HB 1045 (2022) Yes Add oversight of DHHS emergency orders
HB 1046 (2022) No Elect Sullivan county commissioners by district
HB 1047 (2022) No Establish committee to review charter school system
HB 1048 (2022) Yes

Modifies the interest rate used in determining minimum nonforfeiture…

HB 1049 (2022) No Study landfill siting and solid waste policies
HB 1050 (2022) No Declare Remembrance Day November 11
HB 1051 (2022) No Revise process to approve "alternative programs for granting credit"
HB 1052 (2022) Yes Allow semi-automatic rifles for hunting
HB 1053 (2022) No Require time-and-a-half pay for unscheduled hours
HB 1054 (2022) No Complete performance audit of state police
HB 1055 (2022) No Increase property tax exemption eligibility for people with disabilities
HB 1056 (2022) No Increase veterans' property tax credits
HB 1057 (2022) No Increase eligibility for elderly property tax exemption
HB 1058 (2022) No Require at least 30 minutes for school lunch
HB 1059 (2022) Yes

If an agency does not respond to a license application within the legal…

HB 1060 (2022) No

Authorizes the New Hampshire Environmental Educators to issue decals…

HB 1061 (2022) No Make the Midwifery Council an advisory board
HB 1062 (2022) Yes Modifies duties of the Electrology Advisory Committee
HB 1063 (2022) Yes

Makes technical changes to the business profits tax and the meals and…

HB 1064 (2022) No Require paper ballots, hand-counting
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