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New Hampshire legislators have requested hundreds of bills for 2022. The legislature has yet to publish all of the bill texts. Citizens Count will continue to add bills to this page as their text is released. Our analysts read every single bill and summarize it in plain language so you can easily discover what's really up for debate.

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Bill Number Became Law? Description
HB 1142 (2022) Active Give right to present evidence in family court
HB 1143 (2022) Active Require employers to submit medical mandates to state, offer employees who opt out severance
HB 1144 (2022) Active Require teaching of labor history
HB 1145 (2022) Active Revise use of force laws, in particular reversing "Stand Your Ground" law
HB 1146 (2022) Active Revises the method by which condominium instruments may be modified, and…
HB 1147 (2022) Active Establish right to inspect school curricula, reading lists, etc.
HB 1148 (2022) Active Prohibit local bans on coal, gas, or other fuels
HB 1149 (2022) Active Reduce number of signatures to nominate third party candidates
HB 1150 (2022) Active Allow old license plates for 5 days after a sale
HB 1151 (2022) Active Prohibit open carry of a firearm at a parade, vigil, demonstration, etc.
HB 1152 (2022) Active Require Education Freedom Accounts students to verify eligibility for reduced lunch
HB 1153 (2022) Active Prohibit early sending of absentee ballots
HB 1154 (2022) Active Study legislative commission inactivity
HB 1155 (2022) Active Provides that a person elected to a local board shall be a nonvoting, ex…
HB 1156 (2022) Active Require public employers to provide prospective employees with background check reports
HB 1157 (2022) Active Prohibit ballot counting devices with internet connections
HB 1158 (2022) Active Revise requirements, add fines for display of removable handicap placards
HB 1159 (2022) Active Proclaim November 7 as Victims of Communism Memorial Day
HB 1160 (2022) Active Stop at railroad crossings for "other on-track equipment"
HB 1161 (2022) Active

Prohibits any member of a governing body in the state from having an…

HB 1162 (2022) Active Require health insurance to cover reactions to vaccines authorized for emergency use
HB 1163 (2022) Active Give voters chance to correct over voted ballot
HB 1164 (2022) Active Revise the Agriculture in the Classroom Committee
HB 1165 (2022) Active Repeal Granite State paid family leave plan
HB 1166 (2022) Active Require undeclared voters to choose a party months before voting in a primary
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