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Running for:

US House NH District 1

Position on Issues

Candidate's Website, 2021

"Economic revitalization is required when certain communities struggle with basic living. Therefore, as an advocate of economic conservatism, Julian proposes the following tax solutions, which keep more income localized:

  • "A 10% flat income tax on all citizens
  • "A 14% corporate tax, 12% for 5 years for companies relocating their operations and production back in the US in and economically distressed area.
  • "0% capital gains tax
  • "$10K adult deduction
  • "$3K dependent child deduction"

Candidate's Website, 2021

"Julian proposes a new, more secured approach, which includes:

  • "A Voter ID system that would track anyone attempting to vote multiple times or those using false identification
  • "A voter verification process that would also be supported by fingerprinting
  • "A voting system audit to be conducted each election year, every 3-6 months during that year, plus an audit days before Election Day
  • "An immediate count of all absentee ballots submitted prior to Election Day
  • "And all early votes to be verified using two copies of certifications"

Candidate's Website, 2021

"As a member of the NRA and the USCCA, Julian believes 'a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.'

"A free people should be an armed and disciplined people. Sufficient arms and ammunition is vital to maintain an independent status against those who attempt to harm or abuse American citizens."

Candidate's Website, 2021

"Solar and wind power are good supplemental energy providers, however logistically they cannot power the nation by itself and all options must be on the table. Before investing into these pathways, the technology must be viable on its own without government subsidy or interference before it will ever be able to support us as a country."

Candidate's Website, 2021

"Let be completely clear that I am Pro-Life and given the reservations of many conservatives in congress to actually vote or propose legislation on this issue, I am optimistic about the cultural impact the pro-life movement has had recently and I believe our best avenue to continue moving the ball forward is at the state level as many other states have done. Over the years we've been attacked for forcing the birth of babies but ignoring the situation after birth, and to this degree it is true, I believe we rectify this situation by fixing the foster care system, adoption system, and creating economic and educational opportunities so these young women can keep their children. By taking an "All Angles" approach to the issue, I believe we can give young ladies so many options for success with their child that abortion isn't even a thought."

Candidate's Facebook Page, 2021

"The Supreme Court’s brief order on Tuesday night cited the court’s ruling last year blocking Trump’s repeal of the Obama-era DACA policy, the Supreme Court ruled, 5-4, that the Trump administration violated the Administrative Procedure Act.

"For the sake of intellectual consistency, I disagree with the Supreme Court taking the stance that executive orders may not be rescinded by following administrations just as I did with the DACA decision. I do agree with the Remain in Mexico policy and it's effectiveness.

"I also was not a fan of the weaponization of the DACA policy despite agreeing with the general premise. I did not agree with how it was enacted, it should've been a law and passed through the legislative body or an outright amnesty, not a political football.

"The Remain in Mexico policy needs to be reinstated, executive powers need to be checked, the Supreme Court needs to stop overstepping their role, people need to immigrate legally, the sanctuary policy needs to end, criminal illegal aliens need to be deported, the wall needs to be finished, all immigration needs to help America, our economy and American citizens need to recover from the past 2 years before anything else. Congress needs to do their damn jobs and fix the immigration issue rather than passing the buck on to the executive branch in order to escape blame for their lack of coherent action."

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