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Other, 2019

When asked if she would support a carbon tax by Laura Knoy in April 2019, Sen. Hassan answered, "I will look at the bill, I haven't looked at that one closely. Again, I think it's really important to invest in steps that move us as quickly as we need to go. And Iwant to make sure that any proposal doesn't distract and take us away from that but I will look very closely at that."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"Today, U.S. Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Rob Portman (R-OH) and Maggie Hassan (D-NH) introduced the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act (ESIC), which will improve energy efficiency in three key sectors - buildings, industrial, and the federal government. ... By improving energy efficiency in these three key sectors, this legislation will help reduce emissions, protect the environment, and create jobs. The legislation also includes important provisions to reduce water usage and promote water conservation. ...

"This legislation uses a variety of low-cost tools to help energy users become more efficient while making the country's largest energy user - the federal government - reduce its energy use through the use of energy-efficient technology. The bill incentivizes the use of efficiency technologies that are commercially available today, can be widely deployed across the country, and will quickly pay for themselves through energy savings. The bill will help the United States transition to a more energy-efficient economy while driving economic growth and private-sector job creation."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"Furthermore, Senator Hassan believes it is long past time that Congress take real action to prevent senseless acts of gun violence. She supports expanding criminal background checks and banning assault weapons that have made it far too easy for dangerous individuals to inflict mass casualties and deaths. She supports legislation to require states to implement extreme risk protection orders - sometimes known as 'red flag laws', which allow courts to issue time-limited restraining orders to restrict access to firearms when there is evidence that an individual is planning to harm them self or others."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"As a State Senator and then as Governor, she worked to create and strengthen the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and New Hampshire's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to maintain and grow the state's clean, renewable energy sector. She also worked across party lines as Governor to raise the net metering cap in order to boost New Hampshire's solar industry and ensure that it can continue to grow and thrive.

"Senator Hassan is fighting to ensure that the federal government follows New Hampshire's lead, working to bring people together to combat climate change, protect our beautiful natural resources, and build a more innovative and affordable clean energy future. The Senator strongly supports measures, such as the Clean Power Plan, to cut carbon emissions and is working to prevent oil and gas drilling off the East Coast. She also believes it is essential to appropriately fund programs that conserve and protect our nation's natural resources."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"As Senator, Maggie will stand up to those trying to turn Medicare into a voucher program, and she will fight any attempt to privatize or cut Social Security. She will also work to enhance Social Security by ensuring that caregivers can get credit toward their Social Security benefits when they take time off or reduce working hours to care for family members."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"The Senator is fighting to protect and strengthen the long-term viability of Social Security and Medicare. She strongly opposes any attempt to privatize Medicare, turn Medicare into a voucher program, or increase the Medicare eligibility age. The Senator will also stand up against attempts to privatize or cut Social Security or raise the retirement age."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"Students who choose to pursue higher education too often find themselves burdened by massive amounts of student debt, which can affect the choices that they make about their future - from where to work and live, to whether to pursue an advanced degree. To help relieve this burden, Senator Hassan is working to reduce interest rates for borrowers by allowing those with outstanding student debt to refinance their student loans. She is also working to expand the reach of federal student aid dollars, including allowing Pell Grants to be used for short-term job training programs and increasing the maximum Pell Grant."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"As a member of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, the Senator is focused on strengthening our transportation infrastructure to ensure that it meets the needs of a 21st century economy. Senator Hassan is fighting to protect federal funding for the successful TIGER grant and TIFIA loan programs, which have supported critical transportation infrastructure projects across New Hampshire."

Candidate's Facebook Page, 2018

"President Trump started a trade war that is hurting people's livelihoods. We need an actual strategy to help our farmers and small businesses, not just an attempt to paper over the President's manufactured crises."

Other, 2016

"Hassan said she would push to raise the federal minimum wage, but she declined to give a specific number. 'We should look at the possibility of a federal standard. The one caution I have is that different states have different economies,' she said. 'The exact number there is something I think we should review carefully.'"

Candidate's Twitter Feed, 2017

"#Trumpcare changes Medicaid into per capita caps or a block grant system, it's really code for a massive cuts"

Candidate's Website, 2017

"I strongly support the bipartisan DREAM Act and previously joined my colleagues in urging President Trump to protect these young people who have great potential to continue contributing to our society and economy. Members of both parties have expressed support for continuing this program, and I urge my colleagues to come together across party lines immediately to support these young people."

Candidate's Twitter Feed, 2017

"Repealing these essential benefits threatens the health & economic well-being of our people"

Other, 2017

Sen. Hassan has not endorsed Medicare for All. "'That approach is not what Senator Hassan is focused on,' her spokeswoman, Ricki Eshman, said. 'What the senator is focused on is finding ways to work across the aisle to improve and build on the Affordable Care Act so that we can bring down health care costs - particularly the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs - that are squeezing families in New Hampshire and across the country. Sen. Hassan remains ready and eager to work across party lines to find bipartisan solutions to bring down health care costs.'"

Candidate's Facebook Page, 2017

"President Trump's budget proposal would directly undermine our economy and the ability of New Hampshire families to get ahead and stay ahead. This irresponsible proposal would jeopardize critical economic priorities and hurt job-creating businesses in order to pay for tax cuts for corporate special interests and an expensive and ineffective border wall."

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