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NH Governor (2016 - present); Executive Councilor (2010 - 2016); Owner/Director, Sununu Enterprises; CEO, Waterville Valley Ski Resort; Strategic Consultant; Environmental Engineer

Married; Children: 3
BS Civil/Environmental Engineering, MIT, Cambridge, MA.
Home Address
Office of the Governor, Statehouse
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301


These issue positions are derived from the annual Citizens Count issue surveys or candidate websites, social media posts, media interviews, voting records, and other sources.

Crime and Public Safety

Should NH increase law enforcement policies and penalties for heroin-related offenses?
Is police brutality an issue in NH?
Should NH decriminalize small amounts of marijuana?
Should NH keep the death penalty?
Should NH legalize the recreational use of marijuana?
Should NH pass stricter gun control laws?

Economy, Budget and Taxes

Should New Hampshire government do more to increase the supply of affordable housing?
Should New Hampshire increase subsidies and tax credits for business investment?
Should NH raise the minimum wage?
Should NH add an income tax on earned income?
Should NH add a broad-based sales tax?
Should NH authorize one or more casinos?
Should NH invest more state funds in training programs to increase readiness for certain fields?
Should NH create a paid family and medical leave insurance plan, paid for with a percentage of employee wages?
Should NH continue to use property taxes instead of a new broad-based tax, such as an income tax?


Should New Hampshire allocate tax revenues for private and home schooling costs?
Should NH continue to administer statewide standards-based student assessments?
Should NH continue to base statewide assessments on Common Core standards?
Should NH provide more funding for charter schools?

Energy and Environment

Should NH restrict further wind power development?
Should NH allow the Northern Pass to proceed with some (not all) of the lines buried?
Should New Hampshire maintain the renewable portfolio standard, which requires public utilities in New Hampshire to obtain a certain percentage of electricity from renewable energy sources (25% by 2025)?
Should New Hampshire continue to participate in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which requires utilities to purchase allowances for every ton of carbon they emit?

Health Care

Was New Hampshire right to continue expanded Medicaid eligibility, using the traditional Medicaid system of managed care instead of private insurance?
Should NH increase funding for heroin treatment programs?
What is your opinion on the state providing some funding for Planned Parenthood?
Should parents be allowed to opt their children out of the NH immunization/vaccination registry?
Was NH right to expand Medicaid eligibility, using private insurance wherever possible?
Should New Hampshire ban abortion after 20 weeks gestation, with exceptions for cases of rape/incest and health complications?

Politics and Political Process

What was the worst decision made by the Executive Council in the past two years?
Should executive councilors be blamed for poor performance or unethical behavior by state officials they have confirmed?
What do you believe are the most important public policy decisions the NH Legislature should address in 2017?
Should NH broaden campaign finance disclosure laws?
Should NH limit terms for elected officials?
Should NH impose strict residency requirements on registering to vote?

Recreation and Transportation

Should NH pursue expanded commuter rail?

Social Issues

Should NH increase law enforcement policies and penalties for heroin-related offenses?
Should NH decriminalize small amounts of marijuana?
Should NH authorize one or more casinos?
Should NH do more to enforce federal immigration laws?
Should NH increase funding for heroin treatment programs?
What is your opinion on the state providing some funding for Planned Parenthood?
Should NH legalize the recreational use of marijuana?
Should New Hampshire ban abortion after 20 weeks gestation, with exceptions for cases of rape/incest and health complications?


This candidate did not hold office as a legislator in the most recent session, and therefore does not have a voting record available.


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Bob Rustici
- Newmarket

Sun, 06/28/2020 - 7:18am

Great job in handling this COVID-19 crisis and not treating it as a political position. It’s sad the USA didn’t come together on this as a whole and avoid losing out so poorly to a virus.

Catherine Dragonfly
- Ossipee

Sun, 04/19/2020 - 7:20pm

I am a small business owner in NH and have been since 1985.

in the past 35 years, as a full-time antique dealer, certified appraiser and shop owner my business has never been so severely ravaged as this abrupt interruption caused by Ncovid-19

In Stimulus #3 you convinced us we'd be able to access $10,000 EIDL loans within 3 days and it has been several weeks and no one is talking about them anymore.

We are the backbone, blood, and oxygen that keeps New Hampshire tourism alive. We are just beginning to see the devastation of losing a summer season.

Please keep your word and fund the $10,000 EIDL loans for small businesses that are holding on by a thread.

Catherine S. Dragonfly
839 Route 16 - White Mountain Highway
Ossipee, NH 03894

Charles Gravenhorst
- Belmont

Thu, 02/27/2020 - 3:35pm

Thank you Governor for maintain an effective firewall against the ill-advisedly elected Democrat majority.

Gary Misiaszek
- Rye

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 9:22am

Great job governor ! You make us NH residents proud. Please recruit other strong republican candidates to at least bring back the house and senate to NH ? The disgrace of the recent impeachment trial and media lies is unfair.

Deborah Lozier
- Nashua

Fri, 03/29/2019 - 12:52pm


Dear Govenor,

The 2.5% increase in CFI prograns also needs to include a state plan for personal care services. PCA's wages at Granite State Independent Living are $10.75 if you can find someone. As a client we haven't filled a position for 3 years. While according to GSIL's financial documents their CEO and Financial Officers have both recieved $10K raises through 2013 - 2017 (publically obtained information). They are not increasing PCA's wages so that we can actually hire someone. At $10.75 we do not get any calls. If we do, they don't have a car and lack in basic essential housing and food needs. They are unable to care for themselves and thier families never mind caring for your disable relative.

We get a GSIL floater at $14.00 per hour, 3 days a week .... but we are expected to find someone to do the SAME JOB at $10.75 per hour. HUGE WAGE GAP HERE!!!

PLEASE SPECIFY IN THE increase PCA and PCSP rates to increase to NH area market rates not the national average. If you Google average personal care in NH we get $15 - 20 per hour.

GSIL program desparately needs the 2.5% CFI program increases along with the 5% and 7% increases in the SB 308 to more SPECIFICALLY... raise the PCA's rates to NH area MARKET RATES, not national average. We are competitive state with Mass and I believe we can do better by providing LIVABLE WAGES.

PLEASE stipulate that this money is to be only be used for wage increases for PCA's and PCSP's and staff, don't allow the upper management to continue taking this money from us.

PLEASE STOP THIS NON PROFIT FROM abusing thier power and start concentrate on taking care of thier clients insead of themselves. Our CEO is part time and makes almost $200 annuallly, he is also works for the Federal Gorvernment in the ADA division making $155K. I don't think non profits recieving government funding should also be taking government positions. Regulations regarding lobbbying are clearly defined in the rules for non-profits however, working for the government? Really? How can that be measured? We need a CEO that will make sure the people get services, not CEO's that like to take vacations.

I have sent my concerns to the House and Senate members but didn't mention the CEO's other position in the federal government. PLEASE HELP THE PEOPLE !!!!!

Thank you,
Deb Lozier


Mon, 10/24/2016 - 5:45pm

1st Change: Term limits for all justices. Judges should be elected and not Appointed. (to appoint a person to the bench for life, and giving those people God Power to rule for life is insane) Judges should be subjected to review every 2-5 years.
2nd changes: The DOT is out of control with the highest cost to reg. a motor vehicle. A Motor Vehicle Registration should be done only 1 time per new ownership. Not every year to continue sucking money from us.
3. due away with the inheritance tax.
4. promote privet Education by allowing tax payers to choose weather or not to pay a school tax for public or Privet school (we Should have a say. Knowledge is power, we need an alternative to the brain washing that government has been forcing onto out children)
5. Alcohol is legal yet it also causes many known heath issues. To date there is no other legal alternative for people. Many people have high blood pressure, sugar problems or just can't use Alcohol without becoming problematic. It's time to allow the people to have a choice by the legalizing of Marijuana for recreation use.
6. Get rid of the Obama Care scam.
7. Hold Dr's accountable. If they want to prescribe Opioids to none terminal people and those patients become addicted as a result. Then hold the physician personally accountable to treat the patent for life to the point of caring for their personal financial needs. The Opioids became legal base on a fact/promise that they would never be prescribed to anyone who was not terminally ill. Because everyone know how addictive it is. It was deemed in the late 1800's that it could not be used in the medical field on account the long term addictions was far worse.

8. Put an end to weather control. No more weather modification in or around this state. (I speaking about the harmful Chem_Trails be sprayed by the tons daily across this nation. Put an end to it

Is NH really a live free or die state? or is that allusion the corrupted dictators want the people to believe?

I can only hope I am heard.

Deborah Gibbons
- Pelham

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 4:58pm

Dear Executive Councilor Sununu,

I urge you to support and reopen SB 0089 because it will benefit small tobacco business owners (like myself) to be in compliance with the NHLC. We are being forced to sell cigars and made to put the hookah tobacco sales with the products we are paying meals tax for. There are 2 breakdowns in the old bill 60% cigars and 40% other. It is not fair we should have to sell 60% cigars and cigar accessories, if we opened our business as a "hookah lounge". All that has to be changed is have the words "Hookah Tobacco" added towards the 60% gross revenue, instead of the 40% other. SB 0089 suggests use the word "Shisha", I suggest using "Hookah Tobacco". The word shisha sometimes gets confused with hashish and the instrument suddenly becomes a bong and the whole idea and culture gets misconstrued.


Deborah Gibbons

Pelham, NH 03076

(603) 566-9001

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