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Representative, NH House of Representatives (2018 - present); member, Somersworth School Board; owner and founder, Cannon's Carpenter on Call; Computer Marketing Consultant; truck driver; master carpenter

Divorced; Children: 2
Business Marketing, Southern NH University,
Business Management, Hesser College, Nashua, NH.
Home Address
113 Indigo Hill Road
Somersworth, NH 03878

Legislator Activity Profile

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These issue positions are derived from the annual Citizens Count issue surveys or candidate websites, social media posts, media interviews, voting records, and other sources.

Crime and Public Safety

Is police brutality an issue in NH?
Should NH legalize the recreational use of marijuana?
Should NH pass stricter gun control laws?

Economy, Budget and Taxes

Should New Hampshire government do more to increase the supply of affordable housing?
Should NH add an income tax on earned income?
Should NH add a broad-based sales tax?
Should New Hampshire increase subsidies and tax credits for business investment?
Should NH create a paid family and medical leave insurance plan, paid for with a percentage of employee wages?
Should NH raise the minimum wage?


Should New Hampshire allocate tax revenues for private and home schooling costs?
Should NH continue to administer statewide standards-based student assessments?

Energy and Environment

Should New Hampshire continue to participate in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which requires utilities to purchase allowances for every ton of carbon they emit?
Should New Hampshire maintain the renewable portfolio standard, which requires public utilities in New Hampshire to obtain a certain percentage of electricity from renewable energy sources (25% by 2025)?

Health Care

Should NH increase funding for heroin treatment programs?
Was New Hampshire right to continue expanded Medicaid eligibility, using the traditional Medicaid system of managed care instead of private insurance?
Should New Hampshire ban abortion after 20 weeks gestation, with exceptions for cases of rape/incest and health complications?

Politics and Political Process

Should NH impose strict residency requirements on registering to vote?
Should NH limit terms for elected officials?

Recreation and Transportation

Should NH pursue expanded commuter rail?

Social Issues

Should NH increase funding for heroin treatment programs?
Should NH legalize the recreational use of marijuana?
Should NH do more to enforce federal immigration laws?
Should New Hampshire ban abortion after 20 weeks gestation, with exceptions for cases of rape/incest and health complications?


This candidate did not hold office as a legislator in the most recent session, and therefore does not have a voting record available.


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Christine Entrekin
- Somersworth

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 3:09pm

I am a 30 year resident of Somerwsworth NH and a registered nurse. I am asking that you do not vote for any budget that includes tax payer dollars for abortions. I would much prefer to see these dollars go to adoption agencies.

Gerri Cannon
- Somersworth

Wed, 07/10/2019 - 6:35pm

I also don't want to see tax payer dollars used for abortions. However, I want to make sure that heath organizations (like Planned Parenthood) that provide services to the public are funded for services other than abortions

Gerri Cannon
- Somersworth

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 10:59am

I answered a lot of questionnaires over the past few months. I don't remember the wording of some of the questions. As such there were some questions where I answered "Undecided". Partially because I want to see and read legislation that makes sense for all of our community.

I am a leading Transgender advocate. I have been open with people about me being a transgender Woman. But, I am not running my campaign on my gender status. I am running on my ability to represent all of the people in our community. I was a member of the Freedom NH steering committee as well as the Freedom to Marry Coalition and have been fighting for LGBT rights for over 10 years. I will support any legislation that will benefit the LGBT Community or any disenfranchised community.

I Support women's rights to healthcare and abortion services, if that is what they feel they need. I personally am not a fan of abortion, but I have directed a friend and her teenage daughter to Planned parenthood years ago, because of their family situation. I support the Roe v. Wade decision. A woman should and must have the right to decide what is right for her healthcare. I don't feel that we should be dictating how a woman takes care of her needs in our legislature.

I am all for Affordable housing and am currently working with a homeless person, who has been living in my home for a year and a half. He is currently working with the Somersworth Housing authority to find a place to live. I think that we need to put more thought into how we should be implementing low cost housing options so that people don't take advantage of the system and we end up not having enough housing for people that really need it. BTW. In 2009, when my Carpentry business failed in Merrimack, NH the bank almost foreclosed on my home. I sold the home at a loss and then Started driving big trucks and living out of an 18 wheeler for almost 5 years. I know what being homeless means. My address was a P.O. box.

I don't like to answer questionnaires that have Yes, No or Undecided answers on the form. I would rather share my thoughts with people. I also would like people to share their thoughts with me. I want to represent the people in my community. I want people to tell me how they feel about issues that affect us all. I won't always have the answers, but I will stand up for my community.

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