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How do people view Bernie Sanders run for 2020 at such advanced age, and Socialist ideology

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Bill Zenz
- lyndhurst
How do people view Bernie Sanders run for 2020 at such advanced age, and Socialist ideology

well he is rather old, I like him a lot because he discusses Socialist type policy. I agree that full blown socialism leads to disaster like Venezuela, but a little socialism like a drink or too I think is good for you, but not the whole bottle , what say you?

Claudia Reyes
- Gainesville

Hello , I grow up in Cuba a so called communist country ( very far from The communism from the books ) There are many many issues in my country , we were all equally poor , the richest of us had more than one TV and a very old car . But I was a very happy people don’t need to worry about rent or medical bills , education though with a lack of resorces was great for everyone The way our communities work and protect each other is magical ... when I came to the states for many years I could not understand what was going on it seem to my like a different kind and f shit but shit never the less , so after catching us with us history. And current politics I found my self disappointed and alone , alway on YouTube but never came across progressive politics , everyone I talk to about race and health care , the military industrial complex , The Cuban embargo and how it afffects the lives of my people , they didn’t understand me , until I saw Bernie Sanders on tv A weak later I new I was not alone. And that millions of Americans share my views and my desire to live in a better world. I new Bernie was not promoting the king of socialismthere is in Cuba or Venezuela , I new that any other develop country. Had a safety net , socialized medicine etc ... it was trough Bernie that I find out about citizen United court decision Then i understood so much more , Americans were to me individualistic , racist and absurd But I was able to see how you are the biggest victims of all . Imprison by. Your own illusion of freedom made complicit of so much of the rest of the worlds suffering Unable to come to this realizations. Without feeling guilt And responsibility . Bernie made me love America made understand that. The people of America and the corporate pay for government were to different things. And I never forget the feeling of the 2016 elections. I will never forget the Bernie people chanting CNN sucks ( now we can watch CNN very slowly getting better ) Thanks to Bernie Sanders. The next an immigrant arrives Will not feel so alone for years . And his age is irrelevant to me especially when there is so many 30 years old millennials with such tribalistic and archaic thinking .. #feeltgebern

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