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U.S. Vice President (2008 - 2016); Senator, U.S. Senate (1972 - 2008)

Married; Children: 4
BA History and Political Science, University of Delaware,
JD, Syracuse University,
Home Address
PO Box 58174
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Although vice presidents often go on to seek the presidency (George H.W. Bush and Al Gore, for example), Biden declined to run in 2016, due in part to the death of his son in 2015. He is the only former vice presidential candidate running this year.

Reporting Date: September 30, 2019


These issue positions are derived from the annual Citizens Count issue surveys or candidate websites, social media posts, media interviews, voting records, and other sources.

Crime and Public Safety

Should the U.S. impose additional sanctions on Russia in retaliation for its aggressive action in Syria and the Ukraine?
Should the U.S. impose additional sanctions on North Korea unless it abandons its nuclear program?
Should the federal government expand background checks for firearms sales?
Do you support Pres. Trump's decision to withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement?
Should the government enforce federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized marijuana?

Economy, Budget and Taxes

Do you generally support higher tariffs on imports from countries such as China, where we have a large trade deficit?
Should the federal government increase funding for transportation infrastructure, such as road repair and highway expansion?
Should the federal government reform Social Security by raising the retirement age?
Should the federal government privatize some or all of Social Security?
Should the federal government raise the minimum wage?
Do you believe the "Trump tax plan" bill passed in December 2017 helps middle income citizens?


Should the federal government allow student loan payments to be reduced based on income?

Energy and Environment

Should the federal government increase subsidies for nuclear energy to bring them into line with subsidies for other energy sources with low greenhouse emissions, such as wind and solar?
Should the federal government continue to subsidize the domestic production of oil?
Should the federal government do more to combat climate change by providing subsidies for renewable energy?
Should the federal government do more to combat climate change by taxing carbon emissions?
Do you agree with President Trump on withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement?

Health Care

Should the federal government amend the Affordable Care Act/"Obamacare" by eliminating the "essential health benefits" insurance plans must cover?
Should the federal government provide health care and/or insurance to every citizen?
Should the federal government ban abortion after 20 weeks gestation, with exceptions for cases of rape/incest and health complications?

Recreation and Transportation

Should the federal government increase funding for transportation infrastructure, such as road repair and highway expansion?

Social Issues

Should the U.S. build a physical wall between Mexico and the U.S.?
Should Congress create a path to citizenship for illegal/undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children?
Should the federal government ban abortion after 20 weeks gestation, with exceptions for cases of rape/incest and health complications?
Should the government enforce federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized marijuana?


This candidate did not hold office as a legislator in the most recent session, and therefore does not have a voting record available.


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Leatha Blanks
- La Plata

Mon, 10/21/2019 - 10:00am

Good morning, a few of my concerns are tax credit for child care and the purchase of a home. That was taken away from Middle Class people when they file their taxes they do not receive the tax credit given in the past when they claim their children and homes on their taxes. I understand there will be some increase in our taxes, we can't get something for nothing, my Mother use to say if you don't pay at the beginning you will surely pay at the end, but the Middle class need a break, we have been taxed out, every doctors appointment has a co-pay attached and God forbid if you need to go to a specialist then the co-pay increases, something needs to be done. The Bankruptcy's laws need to be changed, when someone who is really struggling with keeping their homes, cars, etc., we can't go and receive a Chapter 7 like the Rich people can, the big companies can file Chapter 11 and get out of their problems, but again the low income, middle class people have a hard time getting a break. This may sound too Religious but during the year of Jubilee people were freed from bondage and debts were forgiven, I am not saying to open up the jails and let people go because there are a lot of people that should be in jail and remain there, but again we know that Free Health Care for All will never happen, student loans will probably never be forgiven, but I think that something can be done to help Everyone, not just student of today's times but parents that received loans so their child could go to college should receive some type of relief, yes I know they have student loan repayment programs, but if you have a $28,000 debt and the pool on gives you a $1000 and that is taxed and then you are only given $500 of that $1000, the interest on that loan eats up that $500 and it does nothing for your student loan debt. I think banks should be required to help their customers, if they have been customers for years, why can't they be given a personal loan at a certain amount, and it can increase upon your payment history with your bank. Nobody wants to help people that have less than perfect credit, we need help just like everyone else, not debt relief programs, because they get you further in debt, because they charge you a fee for their services, and you still have to pay your bills every month. Sorry I'm just trying to find help in a world that don't seem to want to help people that's trying to live! Thank you.

Trey Johnson
- New York

Tue, 09/10/2019 - 11:43am

In the crime and social section I would have like to seen a question about police brutality and the corrupt men and women who where a badge who target a specific race(African Americans) using excessive force in situations that lead to death when there is no probable reason and are not being held accountable rightfully. There is high tension between the police and African Americans and it needs to be addressed more and handled. People are being killed after being detained when there is not threat to a cops life. People are being pulled over and harassed and racially profiled for a standard traffic stop with police creating a hostile situation that escalates. African American are fearful of not knowing what the police are going to do even when complying because there as been numerous situation of compliance that still lead to death. This is a serious matter in our country and the current President is not addressing it nor handling it like it needs to be. People are becoming more and more open with their racism. We do not need to move backwards in the country but move forward and demolish racism and corrupt policeman. Police are more than just a badge to stop crime but that are suppose to protect all citizens no matter the race. They should educate and also be social advocates in communities and make the best decision when dealing with any situation to use lethal force when its rightfully necessary which is when a suspect is trying to hurt them. Every race in this country break the law, no one race should be killed if they are breaking a law that is minor and is no threat to a cop. There is so many issues with this that need to be discussed. We all should be about fair treatment.

Judith Kotula
- Westchester

Sat, 08/24/2019 - 3:39pm

Out of respect for your country and party, please step aside and let the next generation run our country. I’m a senior and feel very strongly that an almost 80- yr old has no business running for President. We cannot lose to Trump again. Stop your selfish ambition. You’ve had a good run and now it’s time to act like an elder statesman and RETIRE!

Brian Sickels
- Collegeville

Sun, 08/18/2019 - 8:40am

If you want my vote in the 2020 presidential election, you will need to stand up and take a platform banning all offensive assault weapons. The 2nd amendment guarantees our right to bear arms, but this was written to allow citizens to defend themselves and defend the State.
An assault weapon such as an AK 47 IS a weapon used for offensive purposes, NOT defense. These weapons should only be in the hands of our law enforcement agents and NOT the general public.
If you want my vote in the 2020 election, then you need to stand up to the NRA and support legislation that bans these assault weapons. Too many people dying including our children.

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