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END Afforable Health Care Act.

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Damian Rowe
- Witlon
END Afforable Health Care Act.

Health Care over the last twenty years has been degraded to Mob tactics. I think you should buy fire insurance because your neighbor's house burn down last night. The number of administration restrictions between a patient and THEIR Doctors has grown four fold. How many people are between you and a your Doctor? If you have a Doctor, and most citizens do not, we have an insurance company.
Look at the big picture of this situation.
Doctors address a patient health concerns. Insurance companies are charted to make money and answer to their shareholders, they do not cure illnesses.

Two major points why this type activity violates common Constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
1. Health Care is an individual's responsibility and should never be governed. Purchasing a Health insurance plan is purchasing a commodity like a house or food. Once a governing organization dictates what a citizen MUST purchase, the citizen is now subject TO the State, and is no longer free to make choices. If
Government must regulate an industry, then regulate the companies providing that commerce, and NOT the citizens that have elected the representatives of government.
2. Cost. The greater the number of administrative activities and regulations between the consumer and the provider the greater the cost. Examples of these types of cost overruns in the US are Health Care and Education. Free markets provide a competitive environment that drives quality and cost effective services and products. When government dictates a citizens choice to purchase goods and services that eliminates free trade.

Phoebe Stone
- Manchester

The US is the only industrialized country that doesn't recognize this. Virtually all other countries guarantee health care to all their citizens. The Affordable Care Act was a big step in the right direction. It halved the number of our citizens without health insurance.
But our health care system still has major problems: it is the most expensive in the world, and its outcomes lag behind Canada and most of Europe.
The solution is a single-payer health system. Our existing Medicare program is extremely successful and operates with 1.4% overhead. Private insurance companies have about 20% overhead due to their need for profits and advertising.
Expanding Medicare to those under 65 would be simple and effective in terms of reducing costs and making health truly available to all. It's an idea whose time has come.

Lorraine Scrivani
- west chesterfield

Health insurers should Initiate a major medical policy that everyone must join. Government should provide free of charge annual checkups and preventitive care. This might work.

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