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Ban conversion therapy for minors?


The New Hampshire House and Senate have passed HB 587, which bans conversion therapy for anyone under age eighteen. Conversion therapy seeks to change sexual orientation. Bill supporters argue that gay conversion therapy is tantamount to mental abuse. Bill opponents argued that HB 587 will hurt the ability of therapists to counsel children and teens struggling with sexual identity.

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“Should Gov. Sununu sign HB 587, a ban on gay conversion therapy for minors?”

Discussion held on Citizens Count NH website and Facebook page May 13, 2018

196 citizens responded 146 citizens were in favor of a ban on conversion therapy for minors33 citizens were opposed to a ban on conversion therapy for minors 17 citizens commented on related questions or issues
What Participants Said

Yes: 146 citizens were in favor of a ban on gay conversion therapy.

  • “Yes, it’s ridiculous to think you can train sexual orientation.”
  • “Conversion therapy is institutionalized mental abuse.”
  • “Yes. It doesn’t work and it is abuse. Regular, ethical therapy… Of course, but not ‘conversion therapy.’”

No: 33 citizens were opposed to a ban on gay conversion therapy.

  • “No. This is none of my business and it is nobody else’s either. Leave people alone to make their own decisions...”
  • “It’s not the government’s place to choose what types of therapy are best for any individual. That should be left between the child, parents, and practitioners, so long as it’s not abusive.”
  • “No one actually uses conversion therapy in NH but this legislation goes TOO FAR in that it doesn’t allow children to get ANY counseling if they are feeling confused about their gender etc…”

Other: 17 citizens addressed their comments to related questions and issues.
These included:

  • Consider age: “If you haven’t hit puberty yet, you don’t know your [sic] gay.”
  • Protect kids from politics: “Kids should not be pushed either way. They need to understand who they are. Too many on both sides push their own agenda on kids and peers.”
  • Case-by-case basis: “Depends on the therapy.”

*Editor selection of actual participant quotes.

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