Coyote hunting restrictions?

Feb 01, 2018

Current regulation in New Hampshire allows the year-round hunting of coyotes. An advocacy group, Voices of Wildlife in New Hampshire, is petitioning the state Fish and Game Department to limit the coyote hunting season to Oct. 15 through March 31. Read more about this issue

Do you support a proposal to limit the unrestricted hunting of coyotes?

Discussion held on Citizens Count NH website and Facebook page January 17, 2018

192 citizens responded143 citizens were opposed to coyote hunting limits35 citizens were in favor of coyote hunting limits14 citizens said other

What Participants Said

No: 143 citizens were opposed to limiting coyote hunting.

  • “No. Coyotes are not just a threat to livestock and pets, but potentially to children. There is a very real overabundance if these animals.”
  • “They are nuisance and there should be no limits or closed season.”
  • “No. Coyote populations need to be controlled and not enough people hunt them.”

Yes: 35 citizens were in favor of limiting coyote hunting.

  • “Yes. Any time hunting is not restricted it seems a species is hunted to extinction in short order.”
  • “Yes! Coyotes are part of the balance of nature.”
  • “Yes. Being good stewards of the land includes ensuring the native wildlife doesn't get wiped out due to over-hunting.”

Other: 14 citizens addressed their comments to related questions and issues.
These included:

  • Current rules: “There is no season on the books.”
  • Cross-breeding: “Did you know that a recent study that showed the NH coyote population has 25% wolf DNA?”

*Editor selection of actual participant quotes.

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