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Jan 09, 2018

HB 1730 creates a new “public safety enhancement” fund to pay for police body cameras for local, county and state police. The fund would include money from federal grants and private donations, as well as proceeds from “prestige number” vanity license plates. Read more about this issue

Do you support funding body cameras for police with a $40 fee for ‘prestige’ vanity license plates (any plate with 4 digits or less)?

Discussion held on Citizens Count NH website and Facebook page December 30, 2017

239 citizens responded145 citizens opposed funding body cams with vanity plates65 citizens were in favor of funding body cams with vanity plates29 citizens said other

What Participants Said

No: 145 people were opposed to funding body cameras for police with a $40 fee on ‘prestige’ license plates.

  • “No. Registration and inspection fees are at the point of ridiculous. How about cutting the budget for Bearcats and other military equipment and paying for them that way?”
  • “No… They should wear body cams, but take the funding from somewhere else.”
  • “Make the cops pay out of their own pocket. After all, it's their fault we need them in the first place. Those cams are for our protection, not theirs.”

Yes: 65 people were in favor of funding body cameras for police with a $40 fee on ‘prestige’ license plates.

  • “Yes. The money has to come from somewhere and my property taxes are already too high. This proposal is voluntary on behalf of the vehicle owner.”
  • “Sure, if someone want to pay $40 for a prestige license plate then let them pay it and kick the money into this public safety enhancement fund.”
  • “Yes. I don't care how it's funded, body cams are long overdue.”

Other: 29 people commented on related questions and issues instead. 
These included:

  • Alternative suggestions: “How about we just start making the police carry mandatory insurance?  The insurance could require them as a condition of being insured. Problem solved.”
  • Use of body cameras: “If they're gonna wear them, they should not be able to shut them off or cover them.”
  • Privacy concerns: “How is a police officer wearing a body cam an invasion of privacy? Is there something I missed?”

*Editor selection of actual participant quotes.

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Related Bill

HB 1730 (2018)
Bill Status: Killed in the House
Hearing date: Jan 10, 2018

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