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Jan 17, 2018

Rep. Glenn Cordelli is the primary sponsor of HB 1362, a bill that would allow New Hampshire residents and small employers to purchase health insurance from out-of-state companies, including plans that do not necessarily meet New Hampshire health insurance regulations. The bill is identical to a Senate bill, SB 149, that was tabled last year. Read more about this issue

Should residents and small employers be able to purchase health insurance from out-of-state companies that do not necessarily follow New Hampshire’s insurance rules?

Discussion held on Citizens Count NH website and Facebook page January 1, 2018

205 citizens responded163 citizens were in favor of allowing out-of-state health insurance23 citizens were opposed to allowing out-of-state health insurance19 citizens said other

What Participants Said

Yes: 163 people were in favor of allowing purchase of health insurance from out-of-state companies.

  • “We should all be able to choose the insurance that best suits our needs and our budgets. The insurance industry needs a little competition...take down state line barriers.”
  • “Of course! … NH residents should be able to choose the best insurance for the needs of their families—period.”
  • “NH residents should be able to buy any kind of insurance they want across state lines.”

No: 23 people were opposed to allowing purchase of health insurance from out-of-state companies.

  • “What's the point of NH having rules if companies from out of state don't have to follow the same criteria? It puts NH insurance businesses at a disadvantage.”
  • “No. The only reason to do this would [be] to lower costs. Usually that means less coverage. I would rather see a Medicare for NH policy instead.”
  • “No. Claiming to let the free market work is dumb because this would just let out of state businesses circumvent regulations required for those in the state.”

Other: 19 citizens addressed their comments to related questions and issues.
These included:

  • Regulations: “Why should there be different rules for different states?”
  • Alternative proposals: “Single payer! The idea that the free market which is good for capital is good for your health is a pipe dream.”
  • Healthcare costs: “Health care increases are the result of the greed of the insurance companies, and their endless desire to gouge for more money.”

*Editor selection of actual participant quotes.

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Jackie Benson
- Kensington

Fri, 01/19/2018 - 7:50am

I'm all for the competition of allowing insurance companies to sell plans across state lines--but I think some basic principles as to what those plans contain need to be maintained. If New Hampshire's current regulations don't include enough competition to keep rates low, then perhaps we need to look at the regulations.

Related Bill

HB 1362 (2018)
Bill Status: Interim Study
Hearing date: Jan 18, 2018

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