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Should NH ban bump stocks?


House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff is proposing legislation that would ban the sale, purchase, and possession of bump stock attachments to semi-automatic rifles. Read more about this issue

"Should bump stock attachments to semi-automatic rifles be banned in NH?"

Discussion held on Citizens Count NH website and Facebook page October 9, 2017

479 citizens responded 364 citizens were opposed to banning bump stocks 92 citizens were in favor of banning bump stocks 23 citizens commented on related questions or issues
What Participants Said

No: 364 citizens were opposed to banning bump stocks in New Hampshire.

  • “What an absurd idea! It's obvious to anyone with a brain that banning is what propels the black market.”
  • “It is a slippery slope. It will open the door to give the government vast power to ban any common accessories that they feel we should not have.”
  • “Banning this attachment does nothing as the same function can be achieved by literally using a rubber band.”

Yes: 92 citizens were in favor of banning bump stocks in New Hampshire.

  • “If you need a bump stock, you're shooting too many bullets too fast. Sorry, but it's a yes from this NH resident.”
  • “Yes. Automatic weapons were made illegal in 1983 so why should an attachment which completely negates that law be legal?”
  • “Yes. As civilians, where does this attachment or any assault rifle have a use?”

Other: 23 citizens addressed their comments to related questions and issues. These included:  

  • Other gun attachments: “An AR15 muzzle report is roughly 165 decibels using M193 5.56x45 ball ammunition. The same rifle with the same ammunition and a suppressor is still 130-140 decibels.”
  • The Las Vegas shooter: “He had a legally owned fully automatic... so he passed the government check for it.”
  • Assault weapons: “Absolutely no need for assault rifles, people don’t hunt with them.”

*Editor selection of actual participant quotes.

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