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Strong support for marijuana legalization - 1,782 participants

Nov 04, 2015

The debate over marijuana legalization in NH looks likely to heat up next year, with two bills filed for the next session that would legalize and regulate the drug. In light of this move, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) decided to get a read on citizen views on the issue. The organization posed the question, “Should NH legalize recreational use of marijuana?” to Facebook members on November 4th.

Should NH legalize marijuana?

Marijuana Legalization 2015 Citizen Voices Chart


Participation: 1,782 participants gave 4,947 responses.

This was a very focused debate, with 92% of total citizens participating giving a 'yes or no' response to the question. The remaining 8% of participants engaged in the discussion but did not give a yes or no response. In total, the LFDA received 4,947 responses from 1,782 citizens – a record-breaking rate of responses. (Click here for details on our methodology.)

What Participants Said

Yes: Opinion was strongly in favor of the move, with 91% of ‘yes or no’ respondents stating that marijuana should be legalized in NH.

  • “It should be legalized and should be regulated in the same manner as alcohol."
  • “No one should get a criminal record for smoking pot or growing their own for their own personal use.”
  • "It will help reduce organized crime in our state while bringing in more tax revenue.”

No: A small minority of ‘yes or no’ respondents, at 9%, expressed opposition to legalization.

  • "Let’s not legalize more drugs in a state that already has a rampant drug problem.”
  • “We don’t need another intoxicant on the legal marketplace."
  • “It’s not all fun and games. I’ve witnessed firsthand where it leads."

Other: 160 citizens, making up 9% of total respondents, did not give a yes or no response, instead addressing their comments to related questions and issues. These included:

  • How the question of marijuana legalization would be decided: ”Do we the people get to vote on this? Or just our state officials?”
  • What sort of regulation would be acceptable: “I don't know about this one. Adding new taxes and new government agencies to control (if that is indeed the case) is not necessarily a good thing.”
  • Other drug issues: “I'm less concerned with marijuana in NH... more concerned about heroin."

*Editor selection of actual citizen quotes. 


Teri Desmarais
- Bradford

Sun, 03/05/2017 - 7:23am

It's time for all of you in power to listen to the people that put you there!!!! We are speaking up and very loudly to stop stepping on our rights to a healthier choice than alcohol. Alcohol destroys....the body, the mind, the family and relationships and is the TRUE "gateway" drug and yet this state is funded by its sale. Marijuana on the other hand does not destroy!!!!! It heals...the body, the mind....while in the entire history of Cannabis use their has never been an instance of marijuana "rage" enabling the user to beat their spouse or child...In reality marijuana alleviates both anxiety and depression.... angry???? smoke a joint and the beast is calmed. Wake up... you should have already done your research. Cannabis was deemed the "evil" weed due to predjudice of the hippie and the black man!!! It only remains "evil" now due corruption and control! Cannabis is a plant, a healing herb!!! I hope you will rethink your position on this issue....We the people are speaking and our words will become actions in the next state election!!!

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