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America: the land of partisans!

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Ananta Gopalan
- Hampton
America: the land of partisans!

The Union Leader in its editorial lamented lack of letters from the left-leaning readers objecting to the Obama administration's drone-killing of Americans and others compared to the volume of letters it used to get from them objecting to the Bush administration's use of water-boarding of captured terrorists.

The reason, I believe, is due to partisanship trumping evaluation of fairness and basically, right and wrong regardless of who is in power. The Founders, especially George Washington, warned us against the wickedness of partisan factionalism. One of the reasons for the federal republican form of government with partitioning of governmental powers in many slices is to prevent partisan factions accumulating power to unhealthy levels. 

Like so many of what the founders had devised, that also has fallen by the wayside with the collusion of patronage and partisanship since about the 1840s.  

If one looks at what has happened at IRS or at Benghazi or at the gun-running by the feds across the Mexican border, a fair-minded American would condemn each one of those instances of abuse of power. Instead, we hear, depending upon party allegiance praising the IRS for its "vigilance" or blaming the Republicans or the long-ago Bush administration. 

The allegiance to the party has become far more important and blinding than allegiance to the founding ideals of our country. When a country loses its ability to handle situations on its merits regardless of its political source it loses freedom to act fairly which is necessary for it to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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