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A Business Owner's Response on Trump and Clinton Immigration Policies

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Mark Stewart
A Business Owner's Response on Trump and Clinton Immigration Policies

This small business owner believes neither Trump nor Clinton have good immigration policies. Were it truly a policy, and not a reaction, Trump's seem better than the status quo. But Trump has yet to thoughtfully express policies on H-1B, B-1, F-1, I-130s or the various extensions that keep or prevent immigrants from working in America.

Clinton expresses the status quo, with a few tweaks. It is monumentally unfair to the would-be-immigrants who

have waited and worked properly to give legal protection to "Dreamers" and turn a blind eye to the lawbreakers who make legal immigration more difficult.

This business owner (and former candidate) is in the "Liberty" camp. Let people work when they want, where they want. Don't demand registrations; don't tax them or their employers. Let changing jobs be easy, and health benefits be as portable as the free market allows. America will attract talented people, on the best terms.

Consumers can say whether "made in America" deserves a premium -- most already do. That protects jobs for native born Americans. When government tries to protect jobs, it helps only big business and a few small groups with good lobbyists/unions. It hurts American consumers and smaller businesses.

In the long run, protection hurts the very big businesses it was trying to protect. The free market makes businesses better; protection begets lassitude, and makes them worse. From televisions to textiles, industries we have long protected are no longer strong. By contrast, the computer industry has received almost no protection, and very little reduction in immigrant work. The businesses, the Americans they employ, and the immigrants they employ have all thrived. Free markets are more prosperous. Let those who want to work and adopt the American creed have few restrictions.

Jacquelyn Benson
- Kensington

I agree with you that the heart of the immigration problem is one that no one in Washington seems to be talking about: how do we turn immigrants into a productive resource that contributes to our society, instead of seeing them as a burden and a problem? I believe that the people coming to this country want to work, pay taxes, better themselves. I don't know that I'm against letting 'Dreamers' stay but I do also respect the point that those who have applied legally and have been waiting should have precedence. I also know from experience that our immigration bureaucracy itself is desperately in need of reform. It shouldn't take two years for people qualified to live and work in this country - foreign nationals who have married a U.S. citizen, for example - to have their applications processed! We need to streamline the system so that those applying to come legally get an answer promptly and efficiently. 

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