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A Comment on NH's Department of Transportation and Emergency Services

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Claude Roessiger
- Wolfeboro
A Comment on NH's Department of Transportation and Emergency Services

We seem to be under the authoritarian regime of DOT and our “emergency services” beyond any conceivable utility. We now have huge new signs that order us to “Move Over for emergency vehicles.” These only add to the unbelievable armada of traffic signs with which we are already assaulted, many redundant, many silly and others simply unsightly. Moreover this standing army of signs can only bewilder, there being too many to reasonably read. But whence came these new signs, part of the new belligerence of those who style themselves “emergency services?” Did anyone ever fail to give reasonable space to such vehicles? Not in my observation. But in our post 9/11 authoritarian state madness, there is no limit to the extent to which these people wish to put themselves in our faces.

For New Hampshire, for what used to be Scenic New Hampshire, these offensive signs should be taken down, and the folks at DOT must be given a new and strict set of marching orders, from a committee comprised of ordinary citizens who can exercise common sense and good judgment. A police state we were never intended to be!

Best Regards,
Claude Roessiger

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