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The Domestic Violence Industry is Active in New Hampshire

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Jay Martin
- Potomac
The Domestic Violence Industry is Active in New Hampshire

I am happily married with children and many grandchildren. I have never been a subject of domestic violence charges or any other criminal charges. I chose New Hampshire for my research because New Hampshire has an active Domestic Violence Industry and the citizens who live there, if informed, are more likely to affect a change. Please read my letter based upon the facts that exist in N.H. Then ask your neighbors, friends and colleagues at work, if they know of cases which support my research. Send my letter to your representative in the State, Federal and Local governments and request changes be made to the laws that clearly are unjust in their application. I am hoping that the citizens of a State that has the motto "Live Free or Die" will confront the domestic violence industry and demand to "Live Free" from their pollution of injustice that flows like a poison to the heart of our justice system. Thank You,


New Hampshire is one of many states in the U.S. that have enacted Domestic Violence Laws that have become the stimulus to a booming State industry. In New Hampshire, the definition of Domestic Violence (Chapter 173-B) has been expanded beyond battering spouses, which everyone agrees must not be tolerated in any form, to criminalizing normal family arguments and quarrels. Zero Tolerance by the police in N.H. makes a 911 call, concerning a simple domestic argument, into an arrest, imprisonment, and a restraining order without the constitutional right of probable cause. The N0-Drop policy by the City Prosecutors in N.H. encourages obtaining incriminatory statements from the victim, and then to prosecute the case even though there is no reasonable fear, danger or safety issues for the victim. Men and women who have no prior history of any violence, and by any reasonable standard are respected and productive citizens of their community, suddenly find themselves arrested and placed in jail after a simple domestic quarrel. Thereafter, a person can be removed from his residence, denied freedom of movement, lose contact with his children, destroy his public and professional reputation, lose his job and carry a life long criminal record.

The victim's complaint also sets into motion a long list of professionals, counselors, and victim centers funded by millions of dollars of Federal and State tax money. The State and Federal bureaucracy is dependent on the Zero Tolerance of the local police, and the No-Drop policy of the Public Prosecutors who directly receive funding for promoting the arrests and prosecution of Domestic Violence cases regardless of the facts or intent of the person charged.The incentive to bring the parties together and drop the charges is buried in a bureaucracy that thrives on unrest and discord. Any effort to stop the destruction of the relationship, the marriage or the well being of the children is lost in the frenzy of acquiring grant money and supporting what has clearly become an escalating Domestic Violence Industry. The idea that bad men are hitting helpless, innocent women is the propaganda for the self preservation of the Industry and the Restraining Order is the key to operate the machinery of the Domestic Violence Industry.

Good intentions often can degrade with unintended consequences. Legitimate social problems can be taken over by the worst case scenarios. Support groups seeking funding from private and public funds are prone to exaggerate their cause to lawmakers, judges and the general public to expand the laws and their definitions to suit their own social agenda. This is clearly the case with the Domestic Violence Industry. The legal profession is not far behind the Police, the Courts and the Social Service professionals to acquire their own piece of the financial pie . Family Law lawyers know that the claims of domestic violence and the use of the Restraining Order, in a divorce case, can enhance the legal position of their client, and crush the other party into submission with harsh rulings by the court. False or malicious accusations of Simple assault (631:2-A) and or Domestic Violence (173-B) by an angry divorce litigant, filled with fanatic hatred, is likely to go unpunished by the police and the courts.

It is time for the good citizens of New Hampshire to bring common sense, fairness and moral justice to the wild abuse of the Simple assault Statute 631:2-A, and the Domestic Violence Statute 173-B.
Look at the Federal, State and Local funding directly related to the issue of Domestic Violence. Then identify the organizations in N.H. that are benefiting from the public funding of domestic violence issues, and you will see a domestic violence industry flourishing in N.H. It is an industry that has become greedy from its expansion, and has undermined family unity by its policies, which encourage separation. They have trampled the civil rights of American Citizens with their support of" Zero Tolerance" by the police and the "No drop" policy of the State's Prosecutors.

I suggest the following effort:

1.Use the social media to develop a real life picture of how the law is being used in N.H. from the victims of the reckless abuse of their civil rights by the City police, local prosecutors and the District Courts of N.H.

2.Contact Pro Bono law firms that are willing to represent clients before a jury trial and, if needed, the Supreme Court of N.H. to develop case law that clearly attacks the legal fiction for the reckless prosecution of simple assault and Domestic Violence cases in N.H.

3.Contact elected State and Federal Officials and educate them why these laws need to re-define criminal simple assault in a manner that recognizes the degrees of touching another person before claiming simple assault. The Constitutional standard of probable cause must be the basis for a police officer to arrest any person under the simple assault and restraining order violations.
Zero Tolerance must be a standard for the violation of the perjury section of the complaints made under the 631:2-A and Domestic Violence 173-B so that fanatic hatred, or vindictive litigants of Divorce procedures and their Lawyers, are assured of receiving prompt punishment for making false claims under color of Law. Police officers who are negligent in their investigations and fail to protect the civil rights of persons subjected to perjured statements, must be subjected to punitive administrative actions by civilian police boards or commissions. Police officers should not be immune to civil actions by persons who claim that their Constitutional rights under 631:2-A and 173-B have been violated. Judges must be held accountable for rubber stamping the decisions made by lower court officers which clearly violate the constitutional rights of a person charged with violating 631:2-A and 173-B of the New Hampshire statutes.

Many years ago the Founding Fathers of New Hampshire made a statement "Live Free or Die." These words have been carried in the heart and soul of countless generations of N.H. Citizens. They are the moral and ethical foundations of the system of justice here. Sadly, Live Free or Die" is at the brink of death. Unless the citizens of N.H. reverse this tide of injustice now, then the real Domestic Violence in N.H. will be the police state which will take over your free life and the real assault will be by the Justice System which will continue to trampled your Constitutional rights into the ground. I urge you take the necessary steps to bring the Domestic Violence Industry of New Hampshire back onto the foundations of Liberty, Justice, and Freedom. THESE ARE THE TRUE PRINCIPLES FOR WHICH MEN DIE!

Jay Martin

Sandra Lee
- March

This not only applies to divorce. People who are indeed guilty of commitomg acts of domestic violence often retaliate in attempts to deflect their actions on to the person they've abused.
In my experience, I reported the crimes however it was not taken seriously, which unfortunately led to another assault. Meanwhile, by coming forward my abuser made false claims against me in attempts to retaliate in which they were successful- with no evidence/probable cause. He lives in a different town, different county.
On my end, I supplied evidence, he has a history of abuse (I have nothing), protectibe orders violated- and nothing was done.

Something needs to be done regarding false allegations, abuse by proxy via the courts. Constitutional rights apparently are non existent with in NH in regards to Domestic Violence related issues.

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