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Fireworks ban and the broken discussion...

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Pamela Pantelakos
- Portsmouth
Fireworks ban and the broken discussion...

I read every single response to the post about the proposed fireworks ban on LFDA's Facebook page Saturday and I made some interesting observations.

First, the response was almost unanimously opposed to any new legislation.

Second, a great many posters, who obviously didn't read the article, wrongly assumed that the legislation was proposed by Democrats - because clearly, bleeding heart liberals are the only ones who would want to spoil all the fun and take away the fireworks and legislate people's freedom away.

In fact, this legislation was proposed by two GOP members! My issue is, why does it matter who proposed the legislation and why does every issue have to come down to some rude partisan vitriol? I don't actually care who proposed the bill, it's wrong to pass laws out of some knee jerk response to a single tragic accident. If the world worked this way they would have banned ocean going vessels after the Titanic in 1912 and airplanes after Tenerife in 1977.

Accidents happen, people do stupid, careless things and tragedy results; but you can't legislate a "safe" world. If an elected official feels so strongly about a particular incident they should offer words of caution and care, not write a bill to infringe on the freedom of people who are careful and responsible.

I want to close by urging the readers of LFDA to remember that the world is not partisan; storms don't care whose house they blow down, disease doesn't care which party you are affiliated when it strikes. We need to be people first and voters second, and as people, we have an obligation to try and be kind to one another.

Lashing out at people because of their political affiliation is small minded and selfish. Open your hearts, open your eyes and ears and open your mind and we may find that politics isn't nearly as big an impediment to achieving our goals as we have allowed it to be in recent years.

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