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How do people view Bernie Sanders run for 2020 at such advanced age, and Socialist ideology

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Bill Zenz
- lyndhurst
How do people view Bernie Sanders run for 2020 at such advanced age, and Socialist ideology

well he is rather old, I like him a lot because he discusses Socialist type policy. I agree that full blown socialism leads to disaster like Venezuela, but a little socialism like a drink or too I think is good for you, but not the whole bottle , what say you?

Claudia Reyes
- Gainesville

Hello , I grow up in Cuba a so called communist country ( very far from The communism from the books ) There are many many issues in my country , we were all equally poor , the richest of us had more than one TV and a very old car . But I was a very happy people don’t need to worry about rent or medical bills , education though with a lack of resorces was great for everyone The way our communities work and protect each other is magical ... when I came to the states for many years I could not understand what was going on it seem to my like a different kind and f shit but shit never the less , so after catching us with us history. And current politics I found my self disappointed and alone , alway on YouTube but never came across progressive politics , everyone I talk to about race and health care , the military industrial complex , The Cuban embargo and how it afffects the lives of my people , they didn’t understand me , until I saw Bernie Sanders on tv A weak later I new I was not alone. And that millions of Americans share my views and my desire to live in a better world. I new Bernie was not promoting the king of socialismthere is in Cuba or Venezuela , I new that any other develop country. Had a safety net , socialized medicine etc ... it was trough Bernie that I find out about citizen United court decision Then i understood so much more , Americans were to me individualistic , racist and absurd But I was able to see how you are the biggest victims of all . Imprison by. Your own illusion of freedom made complicit of so much of the rest of the worlds suffering Unable to come to this realizations. Without feeling guilt And responsibility . Bernie made me love America made understand that. The people of America and the corporate pay for government were to different things. And I never forget the feeling of the 2016 elections. I will never forget the Bernie people chanting CNN sucks ( now we can watch CNN very slowly getting better ) Thanks to Bernie Sanders. The next an immigrant arrives Will not feel so alone for years . And his age is irrelevant to me especially when there is so many 30 years old millennials with such tribalistic and archaic thinking .. #feeltgebern

Ron Cicotte
- Nashua

The media and many politicians continue to use labels like socialism inappropriately. The reason Bernie emphasizes "democratic" socialism is that he knows that the way socialism is understood in the United States is through an association with the old Soviet Union. But a more appropriate association would be with the democratic socialism of the Scandinavian countries of western Europe like Sweden and Denmark. The fact is that we already have democratic socialism here though it could be greatly improved. We have Medicare and Medicaid and social security. We have an interstate highway system and National Parks. We public schools and libraries. We have police and firemen and all kinds of public services. These are the things that represent democratic socialism and Bernie has done a terrific job of changing the conversation so that more people understand that this is the kind of socialism he represents.

But I agree that Bernie's age is an issue. He's not as robust as he once was and especially in recent days he is beginning to show his age. But the same can be said of Joe Biden and the VP has not demonstrated an understanding of the proper balance between capitalism and socialism. Capitalism is about the profit motive. It works great for distributing resources when the goal is to produce things. It's not so great for providing critical services for people like health care. It's pretty easy to see that when you consider the following facts:

- The cost of health care in the U.S. is more than double the cost per person than in nearly every other developed country in the world.

- Our infant mortality rates are higher and life expectancy is shorter.

- 66.5 percent of all bankruptcies were tied to medical issues.

And for-profit insurance companies have distorted the whole reason for having them. The whole idea of insurance is to spread the risk among the largest number of people possible so that individual costs are minimized. But private insurance companies are not about reducing costs. They are fixated on increasing profits. And they do that by dividing the pools of people into likely healthy and likely sick and denying coverage to the costlier set of people. With a single-payer system, everyone is covered and health care professionals can concentrate their energy on finding the best way to help people get well and stay healthy.

This is not rocket science. It's common sense and you can see the results in places like Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway... Only in the US do we insist on paying more for less.

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