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I have a cure(suggested) for Opiate abuse.

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Timothy m. Kay sr.
- Berlin
I have a cure(suggested) for Opiate abuse.

I lived in Littleton NH for almost 10 years, everytime i would go to the store i would see and get approached by people panhandling, only to see them later in the day messed up beyond anything ive seen. just a suggestion to lawmakers, put a law on the books that makes panhandling a serious crime, prosecute them swiftly and dont give these menaces breaks when they are before a judge. the panhandling is the reason why there is an opiate abuse problem, heroin is cheap and with a couple of hours of panhandling under there belt, most panhandlers can rake in enough money to stay messed up for days. people that are nice enough to help these panhandlers arent the problem, they help out of kindness, the problem is too many people are pretending to be in trouble, when all they are is jonesing for a fix. recognize the difference folks, you may just save someones life! nh is an awesome place to live, the beauty and freedom is great. getting threatened by a panhandler because you told them to please move along isnt something i want nh to be known as, " the panhandling state ". besides i think there already is 1. the issue isnt my geographical know how, the issue is when i go to the store for my families needs, i dont need a drug addicted menace begging for his needs which is disguised as hunger or homeless needs when in fact they are jonesing due to an all night drug binge! if you want to help these people, stop the cycle of enabling. if you dont want to help them, get another body bag ready, another will drop soon enough. thank you for your time.

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