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I Support Donald Trump and all Republicans on the NH Ballot

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Tom Thomson
- Orford
I Support Donald Trump and all Republicans on the NH Ballot

As a long-time New Hampshire conservative, I like many of you worked hard during the Primary to pick a candidate we believed would represent us best. The winners of the primary are now on the New Hampshire ballot and in a few days we will pick our next President of the United States, US Senator, Congressmen, Governor, Executive Councilor, State Senators, State Representatives and all the way down to County Commissioner.

On November 8th, I will vote for Donald Trump along with every other Republican on the ballot. I hope you will join me by doing the same.

This is the most important election of our lives. The top issue for me is who will nominate the next Supreme Court Justices. This could be 2 to 4 Justices in the next four years, and could change the direction of our nation for the next 40 to 50 years. On November 5th I will turn 71 years old and I like many of you, worry not about ourselves, but our children and our grandchildren. I fear they will not grow up in the America I did.

I know Mr. Trump will appoint conservative Supreme Court Justices, like former Justice Scalia, who will follow the greatest document in the world our US Constitution. Unlike Hillary Clinton’s choice, his appointee will not try to legislate from the bench.

I also believe that Mr. Trump will pick Justices who will protect our 2nd Amendment. There is no doubt in my mind that Clinton will severely erode our 2nd Amendment rights. To all my sportsmen friends who may be out hunting in New Hampshire on November 8th, get out of the woods and vote to protect your 2nd Amendment!

There are many reasons I would like to share with you why I support Donald Trump but due to space, I will encourage you to go to the Trump website and look at the “Trump Contract with the American Voter” that outlines his plan “To Make America Great Again”. Please take a minute and look at this “Contract with America” before you vote on Election Day. (https://assets.donaldjtrump.com/CONTRACT_FOR_THE_VOTER.pdf‪)

Now is the time for all Republicans to come home and support our party’s nominee. Mr. Trump has already made history by receiving more primary votes than any Republican candidate, and will continue to do so as he drains the swamp in Washington, DC. Hillary Clinton on the other hand, will continue to fight for insiders and the status quo. Our nation cannot afford more of the same

Over the years after a hard-fought primary, it has been difficult to come together to support and vote for the person who just beat your candidate in the primary. The New Hampshire Republican Party is a big, diverse family that must always come together in the end if we want to win. I encourage all Republicans to do some soul-searching before Election Day. If we are successful, we could win the White House, control the US Senate, Congress, New Hampshire Governor’s office, Executive Council, State Senate and State House of Representatives.

Finally, I would like to extend a special thank you to all our men and women in uniform and to the many that gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the American people’s freedom to vote. Please get out and vote for Donald Trump and all other Republican candidates on November 8th.

Tom Thomson
Thomson Family Tree Farm
Orford, NH

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