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It's time to stop the left loons from destroying this country. PLEASE congressmen and senators Fight back like our president and Jeff Sessions. They have backbone needed to stop this insanity. Stop the investigations and lets get on with the peoples business. Todays shooting in Virginia is to be blamed on the left, for all the hate and sickening division they are causing. PLEASE someone with some balls, publicly blame them for what they are doing. OFFENSIVE balls. Get of the defense. Attack the people causing America's division. This shooting is their fault and we all know it. There will be more blood on their hands and IF we let them, they will blame the republicans for it and the media will promote it. We need someone to say something shocking so the media can't refuse to cover it. Like I said. Time to get on the offense. Hey everyone, we won the election, not them. Get on the offense now. I am sure it is how our president DJ Trump won with a landslide. America loves a fighter. Come on Paul Ryan!!! Do something. Stop being afraid to do what's right speak up in an offencive way. Call for an end to these stupid witch hunts. I have heard nothing from you. It's time for the republican party to have the presidents back. Right now is the time to start. Even the clinton news network admits a lack of any kind of evidence. Stop wasting your time ond the peoples money on thid fairy tale. NOW

John Lemay

All the hate I see is from thw rightwinger republicans and King Trump and his monarchy.

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