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A Justice Department Indictment: Hillary Can Handle It; Trump Will Sink Further

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Mark Stewart
A Justice Department Indictment: Hillary Can Handle It; Trump Will Sink Further

Republicans like Reince Priebus are prodding the FBI to recommend indicting Hillary
Clinton. An indictment only helps her vanquish Donald Trump. Republicans prodding the
media, or applauding her eventual indictment, will firmly cement themselves as members of
"The Stupid Party".
An indictment isn't a conviction. There won't be a conviction before November 8th; the Loretta
Lynch / Bill Clinton airport charade further assured that.
Hillary can nimbly work with voters and media even with an indictment. She's been doing a
dance masterfully for 25 years. She's trained. She's prepared to dance around her accusers once
We saw how Hillary cowed the "vicious" House Benghazi Select Committee last fall. Piling on
the woman made her look tougher and made Republican committee members look petty.
We've seen how charges of criminal conduct at the Clinton Family Foundation have no effect,
how her bold lies about cattle futures and FMLN pardons irk nobody new, how her giddy
sympathy for a child rapist client just washes off, how her suborning women assaulted by her
husband does nothing to lessen the feeling that she's a feminist hero.
Enough facts that would keep any other American off the political stage have long been evident;
to her acolytes, a Justice Dept. indictment is simply a necessary seal by an equally corrupt arm of
government that will eventually protect her. Yawn.
She'll be exculpated. Stretching the edges of confidentiality in a State Department that's already
compromised is the worst verdict; violating some obscure disclosure laws of Clinton Foundation
earnings will not bring a conviction. With his history, Trump's reveling in an opponent's
indictment will be portrayed as piling on. He's stuck looking anti-woman. If by chance he
chooses to sympathize with Hillary, it will look like he's protecting his own business
In case the Stupid-So-Far Party members have short memories: 17 years ago one Bill Clinton
was indicted: by a higher body (the U.S. House), for more serious crimes, where the culpability
was even clearer. President Clinton was easily exonerated. His Republican accusers were
humiliated, and his popularity rose. Absent the 22nd Amendment, Bill Clinton could have
served eight more years.
The Stewart Solution: As I said in November (when I challenged Hillary within the Democrat
Party primaries): success will come not from attacking Hillary personally. Fight her ideas; her
collectivism is horrible for America. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has yet to display depth of
ideas. (He probably has depth, but again, Republicans don't exhort him to reveal it, so they let
the media pillory him on his superficiality.) Your solution comes in sidelining Trump, drafting
conservatives who'll give a conservative message. Forced socialism begets far more evil than all
the misdeeds of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Lambaste collectivism for the misery that it
creates. It's the high road politically, the possible winner, and the best weapon you have against
the low road to serfdom.
If you cheer Hillary's indictment and do little else...you'll go down as the doofuses of American
political history. Not even John Kasich (a Trumpster's best VP choice) will save you. Stop
wishing for an indictment. With or without Trump, steer clear of the personal; get back to issues
that some conservatives among you can still highlight especially well

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