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"Live Free or Die" on license plates.

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John Root
- SanAntonio
"Live Free or Die" on license plates.


Although I am no longer a New Hampshire resident, I enjoy receiving the LFDA newsletters with news about what I still consider
my ‘home state.’ The article about a state representative’s bill to allow the substitution of Scenic for the state motto on the license
plates brought back to mind an exchange of correspondence between myself and then Governor Meldrim Thomson in 1977.

At the time I was on active duty with the United States Air Force and living in Duluth, Minnesota. Nevertheless, I availed myself
of the opportunity as an active duty serviceman to continue to register my car in New Hampshire, and I was proud that the plates
carried the state’s motto, Live Free or Die.  When the Supreme Court allowed defacement of the plates containing that motto I wrote
to Governor Thomson to express my disagreement and disappointment. He replied and thanked me for my expression of support.
I am pleased to share his letter with you, and I hope that Representative Suzanne Smith's bill is soundly defeated!

John Root



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