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Primary Dialogue Forum: Heroin Abuse

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Jacquelyn Benson
- Kensington
Primary Dialogue Forum: Heroin Abuse

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With heroin addiction rates - and deaths related to heroin use - on the rise in New Hampshire, elected officials and candidates have been challenged to present solutions to what has been called a crisis of epidemic proportions. 

How would you like to see state or federal office-holders respond to the problem of heroin abuse and addiction? What do you think of the ideas shared by candidates appearing on Primary Dialogue

For more information about this issue, visit the LFDA's Heroin Abuse page.  

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Shar Pon
- Hampton

What always scares me when we look to elected officials to solve problems that are out of their normal comfort range is that we may not be looking to the right people for help.  What might work better is to have elected officials hire someone with the proper experience and expertise in this area to assess the situation in New Hampshire and see what might work best for our state. 

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