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The real Planned Parenthood debate

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Jacquelyn Benson
- Exeter
The real Planned Parenthood debate

There's been so much noise over the Planned Parenthood debate, and the organization is being targeted because people are outraged that they sold fetal tissue. I think it's time we got the facts straight. The sale of donated fetal tissue is legal in the U.S. The organization selling the tissue is instructed to charge only what is deemed reasonable to compensate for the costs of storage and distribution. What Planned Parenthood did is perfectly legal. If people have a problem with that, then they should be contacting their Congressional representatives and asking them to move to change the law that allows this. Otherwise, I find it ridiculous to demonize an organization for engaging in an activity that is explicitly allowed under U.S. law. 

Of course, this all assumes that the real source of outrage here doesn't just go straight back to the debate about the legality of abortion itself. Whatever one's personal feelings are on that matter, it was settled quite firmly by the Supreme Court, and has been continually reaffirmed as constitutional since then. 

If it's abortion that you feel is wrong, then stop chasing after Planned Parenthood - only one organization which provides women with abortions - and seek a constitutional amendment that would prohibit abortion. Of course, since the majority in this country do support a woman's right to choose, that might prove a difficult path. 

Mark Stewart

Hillary is committed to funding Planned Parenthood.
Her progressive allies in Congress manage to wheedle concessions out of Republicans to keep Planned Parenthood funded by the government.
This is vile.
The highest purpose of government is to protect citizens, particularly weaker citizens.
No human is weaker than a yet-to-be born baby.
Planned Parenthood lets "doctors" and willing conspirator parents kill them.
This means Congress is
complicit in killing. Let's get behind the legislative veneer of protecting "choice".
The woman and her "doctor" have plenty of choices.
One involves discomfort for 5 -8 months, accompanied by the incredible
elation of anticipating birth.
Young women in public are typically pleased to be carrying new
life, happy to let family members, and even strangers feel the new life in their tummy.
That they might be giving that baby to an infertile loving couple is heroic.
One reason progressives are pro-abortion is because there is an inequality.
Men can't get pregnant.
Progressives try to erase every inequality possible, eradicating the beautiful
differences between the sexes.
The great evil abortion advocates foist on women is the lie that career is inherently more important than family.
There are many very sad women in their 40s, unmarried and childless, who bought into the lie that career is supremely fulfilling.
We're about to have a sad country.
The Constitution doesn't permit funding for ANY business or any charity.
The strained "commerce clause" should be reinterpreted in an Article V
The original intent kept Congress from funding ANY non-military businesses.
Blacks should especially take heed how the pro-abortion people hurt them.
The diabolical, racist origins of Margaret Sanger aside, even benign intent of Planned Parenthood proponents hurts Blacks.
Without Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood, and other killing clinics, the Black population in America would be more than double the 12.5% it currently is.

Kurt Wuelper
- Strafford

One aspect of the Planned Parenthood [Pp] debate is that PP has been caught violating State abortiin laws many times. Another is we have the testimony of former PP employees about how PP defraud Medicaid by sending prescriptions to women who don't want them. Another is how PP bills for appointments that never happen. Still another is the use of taxpayer dollars to support, albeit indirectly, abortion services, violating conscience rights of millions of citizens. Still another is PP's racist and eugenic past which appears to be continuing. The Fetal Tissue business is just the latest of all the egregious moral failures. If you have any doubts about PP's fraudulent nature, watch the movie Unplanned.

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