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The Season of Fairs, Festivals and Political Candidates

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Lara Bricker
- Exeter
The Season of Fairs, Festivals and Political Candidates


     It’s the season of fairs, festivals and political candidates here in New Hampshire. This is the time of the year when you can get your fix of fried dough and deep fried pickles while also meeting the candidates running for elected office in your area.


     It’s always fun to see what presidential candidates do (and eat) while out stumping at fairs across the country. During the last presidential election, Rick Perry was chronicled eating a pork chop on a stick at the Iowa State Fair while Michele Bachmann munched on a corn dog.


     Closer to home, I saw a number of candidates out shaking hands at the American Independence Festival in Exeter last weekend. Exeter serves as the Revolutionary War capital of the state and once a year, the American Independence Museum hosts a fantastic festival to commemorate the town, and New Hampshire's, role in the war. Those who have been know that gunpowder taken from Fort William and Mary (know known by most as Fort Constitution) was stored at a powder house on the river in Exeter before it was used in the Battle of Bunker Hill.  But before the colonists could get to that point, they had to decide whether to be loyal or to rebel. The festival has historically been held two weeks after Independence Day because that's when New Hampshire's copy of the broadside arrived in Exeter. On July 16, 1776, it was read aloud to the people of Exeter and signified the start of their rebellion. 

     At the entrance to the festival last weekend, local Republicans, Democrats and even those out in support of the Second Amendment had booths set up. If you were so inclined, you could talk with candidates for state representative, state senate, local county races and even national races as Scott Brown was expected to make an appearance. These fairs and festivals are a great opportunity to not only meet candidates for offices but pick up some literature about who they are and their platform.

     Both the Republican Party of New Hampshire  and New Hampshire Democratic Party have opportunities for people to get involved in these events. You might sign up to staff booths at a festival, hand out literature or even go door to door to help get the word out about candidates. 
       If you're not up for attending a full-fledged political event, fairs and festivals are a nice way to find out about the candidates. It's also a less formal setting in which to see them. With the Stratham Fair set to kick off July 17 and the North Haverhill Fair slated to begin on July 23, there are plenty of plenty of chances left before the elections to get out.

     For full listing of this summer's fairs and festivals, check out the listing at NH Magazine.

Sdsre Ersre
- new york


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