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Stop the civil war- the war on drugs

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- Joshua Tree
Stop the civil war- the war on drugs

Nixon waged a war against a big part of the population, the drug users. Today, a person that becomes addicted to opiates by a doctor, who prescribe them like candy, can be charged and imprisoned for having an opiate without a prescription. County drug rehabilitation programs across the country have wait lists so long, people die waiting to get in. Federal money pays special law enforcement officers to keep the drug addicts off the street and in jail. That money could go to rehabilitation programs. Tax payers foot the bill for locking all those people up and they are not criminals by any stretch of the imagination. Look around you. What has the war against drugs done in this country. Less people getting high? Those brave law enforcement officers are locking up our kids, or siblings, are parents, they aren't doing anything about the drugs being shipped into the country. And you know who suffers if the Federal government DOES cut funding for DEA? The DEA. They numbers of innocent addicts who are arrested for being sick, addiction is a real thing. Drug rehabilitation facilities need funding to help heal the sick. Privatized prisons tax the county's that pay them for housing prisoners if they are not full. They have created a motive to lock up innocents. Johnny gets busted with a gram of an ilegal substance, goes to jail, we pay for it out of our taxes, the federal government funds it, we pay for that too, and it is an atrocity against humanity.


10 years ago, 25 years ago, we may not have understood what is clear to us now, the war on drugs was put in place to create jobs for law enforcement, and to make money for private prisons who contribute majorly to see to it legislation is passed and protected. They lost the war. More people use now than ever before in history. They lost, the people they hurt lost, and we paid for the whole failed plan. Nixon was evil and we all know it. Free the prisoners of war, demand the Federal government reallocate funds for special law enforcement to rehabilitation centers, legalize marijuana, and decriminalize drug use. What an individual puts into their own body is no one's business. It's not a crime. If the government cared about our health, they would care that medicaid doesn't pay for root canals or eyeglasses, they wouldn't have their seal and earn a buck off of every pack of cigarettes and booze sold. Liquor kills more Americans than any other drug that exists and that is perfectly legal.


Yesterday's argument doesn't win today. We have decades of history, scientific advancement, and plenty of new statistics and facts to prove that no matter how well intended, the War On Drugs failed, cost billions, and it's time to end it now. 

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