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Top 10 Reasons Republicans CANNOT Nominate Trump

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Mark Stewart
Top 10 Reasons Republicans CANNOT Nominate Trump

With SOME sympathy for the politically-bumbling Republicans, and with high zeal to sustain
democracy while electing a wise, capable president, I hope Republican Conventioners will heed
this. I have called for a "do-over", putting all 2016 declared candidates on the sidelines for four
years and nominating a conservative P and VP who did NOT jump into the mosh-pit. The
anointed candidates would be contractually obligated to serve four years only, letting every
2016 contender "reset" for 2020 and giving Republicans two clean candidates who can win in
2016. Condoleeza Rice with VP Michelle Malkin, Michele Bachmann, or Colin Powell would suit
your party very well, as campaigners and eventually as stewards at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Let Trump re-invent himself as a more persuasive candidate. He has three years to become less of a narcissist, do something for the public with his wealth, show himself to be wise, and prove he is not reactionary. In short, let time heal some wounds, and let good speeches and good actions make him potentially a candidate the majority of Americans yearn for.
The Republicans cannot nominate Trump. Here are the Top 10 reasons.
1. He can't win in November. Remember, the zeal people show for Trump is a SLIVER of the
electorate: the few who vote in Republican primaries and the fewer still who come to
Republican caucuses. In NO state has Trump won the allegiance of more than 8% of the adult
population (his "big" win in New York was with under 4% of the adult population).
2. The media won't help him in November. Hillary for 16 years has proven herself impervious
to media criticism. That won't change in 16 post-convention weeks. If you think Donald Trump
putting the heat on Hillary will help, think again. Of all people, Trump can't criticize a woman
without backlash.
3. Compared to Trump, elitist, self-serving, politically connected Hillary Clinton looks like a
piker. Indeed, against Trump, Hillary looks like a candidate "of the people".
4. Trump's lies neutralize Hillary's lies.
5. Trump's negatives are at LEAST as high as Hillary's.
6. Trump's hypocrisy is more salient than Hillary's. Illegal workers in New York, manufacturing
clothing abroad, a scam university, and displacing Americans for low-cost foreign labor at Mare-
Lago. Clinton may have bad, socialist policies, but judged by "say one thing, do the other"
Trump is the king and Hillary is a distant second.
7. Conservatives will stay home. Conservatives were tepid about McCain and Romney. Trump
is less conservative than either of them. Conservatives will certainly not proselytize for Trump
("hold your nose and hope" is the best they can say.) Conservatives will perhaps vote for the
Libertarian, or very possibly run a conservative candidate of their own.
8. Trump's infidelities neutralize arguments about returning Bill Clinton to the White
House. Few conservatives are comfortable with a man who flaunts sleeping with married
women. That's TRUMP, not Bill Clinton.
9. Trump's political manipulation in New York neutralizes Hillary's high speaking fees to
banks. Hillary has not acted on behalf of these big banks; Trump PROUDLY says how
politicians do favors for him because of his political involvement. Just wait until the Democrats
break out the little-old ladies whom Trump threatened with eminent domain proceedings.
10. Trump has never campaigned on behalf of a congressional candidate. Don't expect that to
change. Even if Trump has a change of heart, few Congressional candidates will want Trump
on the same stage. Republicans are on the verge of losing the House.
11. He's not a conservative. This SHOULD end all conversation. It should be #1, but many
Republicans forget that their party really SHOULD stand for something. Donald Trump doesn't
even know what conservatism is. (hear his fumbling definition from January 24, 2016
Every month, Trump speaks ill of actual Conservatives. And woe to anyone who tries to fight
back: “We’re going to open up libel laws and we’re going to have people sue you like you’ve
never got sued before.” Even the main stream media have a more conservative disposition
(and survival disposition) than this dark vision.
And if for some reason Clinton does look weak, the Dems will nominate Joe Biden. That's lights
out for Republicans. Trump will carry at most six states, and Republicans will lose the House
AND the Senate.

Pete Kenis
- concord

you lost me at Colin Powell. Never forget. Well I don't forget. Lies made by liars are certainly troubling.

Russell MacPherson
- Merrimack

Just wondering if anyone knows why none of the major media outlets are covering Trump's upcoming call to court in December on alleged child rape case? It appears many papers have covered it? See details here...

Russell MacPherson
- Merrimack

Here is another paper exposing it. Why are the networks not covering it?

Gregory Nauman
- Modesto

I live in Modesto, CA which is a Republican town. However I do live in the best neighborhood and it is always loaded with republican yard signs. There is not even one for the local Jeff Denhamann. I beleive they are just done with the no action republican congress and senate and when ti come to the president they can't believe this Mental Case is on the ballot. They felt the same way the last time. The Party has fallen apart and no longer exists. Dump Trump for the Garbage that he is and Support Hillary for the Woman she is

Mike Lagister
- Chicago

The plaintiff "Jane Doe" dropped the case against Donald Trump. After reading the DailyMail account of her story, she left an abusive home at age 13 to be a model. She met "Tiffany" who brought her to a party. Jane didn't like the party but didn't leave. She met a man who wanted to kiss and fondle her and then he left. After being paid by Tiffany, Jane decided to go back home, modeling wasn't for her. Tiffany called her a month later and said that she had a modeling job for her and she should come back to the city. Jane went back to the city but was again taken to a party, that made her feel unsafe but didn't leave. After another encounter with the same man at the first party she 'was in tears'. Tiffany paid her and she left. This repeated 2 more times where Jane Doe went home and came back when Tiffany called with promises of 'modeling' and was paid each time. She never left the parties. The end result being "Jane Doe" now in her late 30's /early 40's claims that when she saw Donald Trump when he was on the Apprentice she knew that was the man at the party from 20 years ago. After realizing that having filed the complaint 3 times and getting it kicked out (once due to technical reasons) but in the end, she was going to hold a press conference, then called it off leaving her legal team in front of all the cameras, and then she called the court and asked to drop the suit. No courtcase for Trump will happen in December.

Florence Jones
- Miami

I hate Trump. He is a buffoon.

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