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Frank Nahigian
- Belmont


The nation Dates of rise and fall Duration in years
Assyria 859-612 B.C. 247
Persia 538-330 B.C. 208
(Cyrus and his descendants)
Greece 331-100 B.C. 231
(Alexander and his successors)
Roman Republic 260-27 B.C. 233
Roman Empire 27 B.C.-A.D. 180 207
Arab Empire A.D. 634-880 246
Mameluke Empire 1250-1517 267
Ottoman Empire 1320-1570 250
Spain 1500-1750 250
Romanov Russia 1682-1916 234
Britain 1700-1950 250

The above table from "Fate of Empires written by Sir John Glubb in 1978 demonstrates that, historically, empires have had a shelf life of roughly 200 to 250 years. Interestingly, the good old USA is 240 years old. Does that mean America will remain the globe's military and industrial leader for only another decade? Not necessarily, but it's an interesting question in view of geopolitics these days and it reinforces my reasons for voting for Donald to be the next leader of the country. For the last quarter century I've been increasingly dismayed by the
governance coming from Washington DC. As I see it, the rightful owner of the country is the electorate, government of the people, by the people, for the people. Rather than that, I think what we've been receiving is "of the people, by the people, for the politicians", Democrat and Republican alike. I sincerely believe they've stolen
the country from us, the electorate, and my sense is that I have so much company in that belief that I don't need to detail my reasons for thinking so. We're supposed to be a representative republic but it's been years since that's been the operative dynamic. More, I believe a new class comprised of professional politicians has evolved despite the limited terms for which each public servant is elected. The fact is, the system so favors the incumbent's hold on the office that extraordinary measures and funding are required to dislodge him.
I believe the fallout from this has been a factor in the build up of decay and corruption that contaminate virtually every bill that the legislature reviews and filters down to every facet of our lives and our standard of living, but there's one issue that's particularly important because it's the material foundation of our freedom and strength, the economy.

Money makes it all go round and the cost of money rises and falls with interest rates. You know intellectually and sense viscerally that something has gone wrong in America as well as throughout the world wherein interest rates remain low and the continuous rise in the national debt is ignored except for the deploring of it by financial reporters and politicians who are the cause of it, at election time. No one does anything about it but the economy keeps chugging along in spite of it. We all know that if America's financial condition were that of a household, that family's credit would be shut off and it would have to file for bankruptcy protection; but the government doesn't seem to have to so so no one cares. So much for long range strategic planning, or scheduled
maintenance. Consider Greece. Greece for every practical purpose was bankrupt, but Greece seemingly continues chugging along. How is that? This is how: Because it's a small country and the European Union is reluctantly keeping it afloat and nurturing it with subsidies they call loans which carry strict provisions limiting Greece's fiscal policy. Reluctantly, because by doing so the EU assumes risk that it would prefer to avoid but about which it has virtually no choice inasmuch as no one else is willing to deal with that debtor except at such high cost that it's simply unaffordable. Russia would have loved to be that creditor. No one wants either to lend to Greece or "take control" of Greece except at usurious rates (Russia); there's nothing to be gained, not even prestige.

But, influencing affairs of the United States, that's a different story. China, the largest creditor of the United States has its own credit problems but that does not mean we'll be secure indefinitely from inquisitiveness
by the Asian giant about our financial condition. On the contrary, we are extremely vulnerable. Our political geniuses of both parties will tell you not to worry, no one will stop the game because
it's in everyone's best interest to keep it going. They are wrong. China will not keep the game going because it won't have to. China will have the economic clout to call in its markers and will do so when it chooses to do so. The reason for that capability is that China will continue to grow its economy at at least a 3% rate into the foreseeable future and will be able to afford to pay the interest on its debt even when interest rates rise. The U.S. may not because, unlike in China, debt and fiscal policy are out of control with respect to the lame growth rate of the economy, the size and growth rate of our unfunded pension liabilities and entitlements and our propensity to expand those entitlements. Our fiscal policies are unsustainable and suicidal. With each passing month, America's balance sheet becomes more lop sided. Excepting the termination of these extravagances by global sovereigns, at some point in the future all of the G20 countries except China will be effectively bankrupt and China will call whatever shots it chooses. That future is not so distant as your 60th birthday was from your 50th, and I am sure you can remember how fast that happened. We will surely get the globalization which seems to be
the goal of most industrial nations but it won't be the size, shape and color that they anticipate. By the way, when
Hillary heard that China had built the largest aircraft carrier ever, her first comment was, "What do they need
that for?" For someone so nimble of mind, I thought it was a rather pathetic response. By the way, the carrier came in under budget and on time, just as did the post office in Washington DC that Trump renovated. Like he, they probably take care of business first, not the cares of lobbyists.

The year 2000 marked a new millennium, remember? For the U.S., it meant party time. We ate, drank, danced and celebrated. China ate, drank, danced, celebrated and decided it was time for change and set a goal for the new century: World Domination. It has always been the biggest country on the planet in several respects including, population. It decided also to become the strongest and most powerful and is well on its way to doing so by implementing a two-pronged strategy: (1) Build the most powerful military machine in history; (2) Become the strongest financially. Why? So that they could dominate politics of the world without the shedding of blood, but if it became necessary to do so, had the intimidation card to play.
While our elected representatives dance to the tune of lobbyists for the vested interests and encourage
Treasury to print unlimited greenbacks to fund those expenditures, China prudently accumulates the one monetary asset that is classic and universal: gold. Let me correct that: Gold. Although its value fluctuates, gold's prestige and acceptance as a store of value has remained constant throughout history. The U.S. is alleged to be the largest holder of gold in the world, which may or may not still be true. It is conceivable that we may owe out much of the gold that we hold. What is certain is that China has been accumulating gold since the turn of the century and is now the largest producer of gold in the world as well as the largest importer. What with its continuing economic growth and the assured growth of its gold reserves, China has been strengthening its position in the stealth financial war with the United States and every other sovereign on the planet. Hope that it continues. The stronger China becomes financially, the more commerce it will engage in with the U.S. and the less likely it will be tempted to exercise it's military strength.

Here in Disneyland, we debate immigration, racism and bigotry, gun control, birth control, the industrio-military establishment, Fast and Furious, corruption of the FBI, corruption of the IRS, the mess in the Middle East, the hypocrisy surrounding the Benghazi tragedy, reckless and careless handling of classified information and, of course, ISIS, even as the debt climbs like a irresistably into the stratosphere. We're conscious of ISIS, a tactical enemy; seem unconcerned about China, a strategic one.

What can you do about this? Why am I telling you this? Because there is nothing you can do about it except to vote against it. That's what I'm doing. The culture in D.C. is the root cause of these problems and issues and it must change in order for our children's and their children's lives to be reasonably normal. America needs a leader who is mindful of the real problems and has the courage to correct them. It does not need the intellect of a scholar. It does not need a political or spiritual leader with a passive morality. It needs a fighter who has the courage and will to change the course the nation has been on and to fight both the Democrat and Republican establishment in Washington whose vested interest is in ignoring the decay and corruption that has metastasized within the DC establishment. More than a scalpel or new broom is necessary to clean up the mess, but at least that would be a start. None of this is a secret. Forty per cent of the electorate acknowledge the reality and priorities of these issues and see Trump as a disruptor beholden to none and independent of the cancerous culture in the halls of Washington. He's not the best possible person we could choose to occupy the Oval Office but he's certainly the better of the only two candidates eligible. Hillary is the penultimate serial liar, unarguably hypocritical and dishonest. Donald is brash, boorish and juvenile but has a proven ability to achieve objectives as his stone and glass monuments demonstrate. I'm not concerned about charges of unstable or erratic behavior or questionable sexual behavior. That's the juvenile part and many of our past leaders have been guilty of it. Please prioritize the needs of the country rather than your personal code of private conduct. Jimmy Carter is a wonderful man of principle and paragon of virtue but even if
he were a candidate now, he wouldn't be the right guy for the job. We face threats different from any we've faced in the past and the qualifications we need to confront them are different than any required in the past. Jack Kennedy had sexual issues; would you bar him from the office if he were electable today? Of course not, because it's a fault of no consequence when the stakes are this high. If I had my choice, Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman are first to come to mind in the category of "gutsy disruptor willing to take on the establishment", the point being, this time is different. ISIS is in front of us and China is on the horizon and China's stealth attack has been on our balance sheet, our greatest weakness.
Trump isn't well grounded on all the issues with which a President has to deal. That doesn't matter. All
that matters is his passion to restore America to her rightful place in the world order and I trust that the people whom he chooses to assist him will have the necessary qualifications. A few days after Donald announced that 88 admirals and generals endorsed his candidacy, Hillary announced that 95 of them endorsed her. A difference of seven. "What difference does it make?" I believe that his competitive
instincts will enable him the same success in politics that they did in business. Yes, he has warts and so does his record, but none of them reach the bar set by a woman who lied to a Gold Star mother and then told the country she was a liar. His faults and weaknesses damage individuals among us sporadically and temporarily. Hers damage our society and culture and weaken the foundation on which the country was built. His are human and forgivable; hers are human as well but for me, unforgivable. You'll make your choice according to your values and priorities just as I shall mine.

Our feckless President and his reckless surrogate are loath even to properly identify a militant group that is conducting guerrilla tactics against us. Trump is the only candidate among 19 comprised of sixteen Republican hopefuls and two Democrat ones who who has been willing to fight even his own
party establishment to remedy the cancerous condition. Four more years of the same incompetence and malpractice we've been receiving will darken our children's futures. When you step into the
booth on November 8, please don't vote against either candidate. Cast a vote for your children, a vote to make the madness and sickness stop.

Frank Nahigian
Belmont, MA

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