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Trump Signed the Presidential Pledge

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Tom Thomson
- Orford
Trump Signed the Presidential Pledge

Just over one year ago, President-elect Donald Trump signed the 2016 Thomson Presidential Pledge on December 1, 2015 in Waterville Valley, before New Hampshire’s “First in the Nation Primary”.

The Pledge has seven points to it which fulfill Mr. Trump’s promise to the hard-working men and women of this great nation in order to “Make America Great Again”.

Those seven points, which Mr. Trump signed, are as follows:

1. Cut Taxes, Fees, and Regulations that are destroying our Small Businesses and jobs.

2. Cut Spending and Reduce the National Debt.

3. Cut the size of Government at all levels.

4. Secure our borders by using whatever means are necessary.

5. Become Energy Independent within 4 years.

6. Repeal and Replace ObamaCare.

7. Faithfully and forcefully, uphold, follow, and protect the United States Constitution.

The above “Pledge” was sent to every major Presidential candidate, whether Republican, Democrat and Independent. Out of 21 major candidates only four signed the above “Pledge". They were Senator Ran Paul, Donald Trump, Governor Chris Christie and Senator Marco Rubio. Not one Democrat or Independent signed the “Pledge”. Donald Trump was the only Presidential Candidate in the general election who signed this “Pledge”.

A year later the American people voted on November 8, 2016 and shocked the world and elected Donald Trump as our 45th President with an overwhelming Electoral College outcome of 306 for Donald Trump and 232 for Hillary Clinton.

A successful leader will surround him or herself with exceptional, skilled and proven people and that is just what President-elect Donald Trump is doing with his cabinet – with only two more officials left to be selected.

The “Pledge” has played an important part in New Hampshire’s politics for the last 48 years when my late father Governor Mel Thomson galvanized the “Pledge” in 1968 against a state sales and or income tax. Since then every individual elected as New Hampshire Governor - Democrat or Republican - has taken the “Pledge” and to this day our state is free of a sales or income tax.

I decided to carry on my father’s legacy of the “Pledge” and expanded it to all Presidential candidates running in New Hampshire’s “First in the Nation Primary”, which began in 2011 for 2012 Presidential Election. A total of eight signed the first “Pledge”, one who went on to run in the 2012 General Election. Four years later, it was signed by President-elect Donald Trump, who will be sworn in as our 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017.

For the voters, the “Pledge” is a promise that the candidate will uphold these important principles once he or she is elected to serve the people.

I believe President-elect Donald Trump will uphold the “Pledge” he signed. I also believe that as our President he will work hard to heal our nation and will work tirelessly for all Americans with a common goal to “Make America Great Again”.

December 28, 2016, Tom Thomson, Tree Farmer, Orford, NH 1-603-353-4488

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David Wood
- Hampton

I am so ashamed for our Congresswoman choosing not to honor the Office of the President.

John Lemay

What was she to honor?

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