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I am a woman and I voted for Trump. I voted for him because I believed he could make sound business decisions that could help our country. So far his picks for the Senate have been excellent. Things were looking good. Then, tonight I watched the division of the US go out of control. I am sick and tired of CNN commentators who seem to focus on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they can to attack our newly elected President. Then "breaking news" interrupts with the Secretary of the State announcing "the crowds were bigger than ever at the inauguration". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? SHAME ON YOU FOR ACTING AS SILLY AND CHILDISH AS THE COMMENTATORS.
President Trump-- I am begging you... stop this childish behavior and ACT like the President we all were hoping for.
This country has gone into whine mode and you aren't helping. Stop talking about your crowds and how much you are loved and start DOING something. Korea is getting ready to launch missiles and ISIS is laughing at the fall of the US without them doing anything. Tonight I agued with my friends.. woman friends who are worried they are going to lose something BEFORE they even know WHAT that something is. POLITICS is about cut throats-- so here comes OBAMA BACK to Washington DC to feed the frenzy and Hillary is laughing.
IF you don't get a grip... it will only get worse.
You may be the President "the boss of the world" but the PEOPLE of America are NOT your employees. Your heart is in the right place BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE.... STOP TAKING THE BAIT!!! They know how to push your buttons. Listen to your advisors - YOU are the apprentice --- NOW BE a Quick study!

Debra Foster
- grand rapids

I wish you would finish draining the swamp. Now they say they won't pass the tax bill. Let alone Obummer care. For peat sakes if you want to get america back on track, get rid of these people that want to take up down. It's sad that they don't have our best interest in mind. They dont care, they have loads of money. I say give them a dpay reduction and for their insurance give them in the congress obummer care. If we have to have obummer care, so should they. And for petes sake what the heck is Obummer sticking around for. Get him out of the picture where it comes to our affairs. And for Killery, she should be in jail. People that has don't far less are in prision for years. What is wrong with you people. I sure hope you are different than these people like you say. I'm beginning to wonder. FINISH DRAINING THE FREAKING SWAMP.

Bill Zenz
- lyndhurst

obummer, why wont people like you act like an adult is name calling anything but an indication of you lack of maturity and intellect?

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