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Vicky Lipton
- Sun City West
What America Needs

First of all--shame on CNN for their biased reporting on Mr. Trump's speech, which by the way was exactly what this Country needed to hear. It was not negative as CNN portrayed it. This speech was a wakeup call to the people of this country. Time to get our heads out of the sand and realize that Hillary Clinton wants to lead us to slaughter as lambs in the night.

Just to say a few words of encouragement to all Republicans, I was a registered Democrat until just before the Primary Election. Just in time, my husband and two friends changed parties to vote for Donald Trump—at least three of us voted for Trump and one for Rubio. Thank God no one was for Cruz.
I was a coal miner’s (from West Virginia) daughter until my Father died in 1989. He instilled in his three children the same values that Donald J. Trump has given to his wonderful children. I am proud of my Father and Mother and all that we were given in commitment, values, love and honor. I feel the same way about Mr. Trump and his love for his children.

I lived through a year of Obama Care, and I was unable after paying an over $500.00 premium per month to get medical care. Why? Because they saddled me with a $6,300.00 deductible. After having two strokes and finding out that I have MS, I knew that I could not go to my physicians due to test being ordered that I could not afford.

Please ignore people like Ted Cruz as he is not an honorable man. His self-serving speech last night of putting personal feelings first instead of being a man of the people, by the people and doing what he pledged to do will go down in history as a shameful act. He turned his back on the Republican Party due to being self-centered and focusing on giving this race to Hillary Clinton, as he feels by doing this horrible thing, he can run again in four years.
Donald Trump was questioned and questioned hard as to whether or not he would sign the same pledge, and I know that being the man he is, he would have backed whomever the nominee would have been and stepped up to the plate as he signed a pledge to do—not throw his party to the dogs like Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz in my book shamed his family more than Trump ever thought of by doing the undermining things he did to Ben Carson in the run for office. He has brought shame on the Republican Party by not standing up for their nominee or at least the Party and bringing the people together to defeat Hillary Clinton.

No wonder no one on the hill or anywhere else likes Ted Cruz because he is not an honorable man or Republican. Shame on you Ted—at least you can join Hillary with Egg on Your Face—two liars together. Maybe the Republicans should tell you to go register and become a Democrat so you can become Hillary’s Lapdog.

Kudos to Marco Rubio for acting like a man and not a whinnying, shellfish dog like Ted Cruz. In four years, if Ted Cruz runs again, we need to be very scared and very aware that he is a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

Go Mr. Donald J. Trump!!! We Need You!!!

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