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"Yes, I approve this message!"

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Stephen Chen
- Londonderry
"Yes, I approve this message!"

I could only wish all politicians STOP all the bogus rhetorics and start showing the compassionate side to all victims, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, of this nature's devastation storm throughout.


I will personally fast forward all bogus media views and all attack ads for the next 6 days...And, I will be the first one to get a ballot to vote on Nov.,6 as an Independent voter.

Meantime, I will watch who will self-destruct first!! Yes, I have the power to do that and I approve this message!

Velma Carlton
- Linden

Mr. Trump,

I am an avid supporter of you but frankly I can not believe that you would not participate in the debate. There are going

to be very important issues that the public need to hear you from you on. Anyone running for President does not

need to miss a debate! Your going to miss your time to shine as a leader right before the Iowa Caucus!  Frankly it is going to make you look weak if you don't show up!


Lois Shorten
- Stafford

I find Donald Trump to be Russian\Communist collaborator and a Putin supportor
I joined this site to express that I support my country first and Russia NEVER. He lies every time he opens his mouth. Expression is such a good relief.

Snaggle Tooths
- Concord

"I find Donald Trump to be a Russian\Communist collaborator and a Putin supporter"...... please present your "findings". He isn't on tape saying "He will be more flexible after his re-election" and he hasn't sold Uranium rights to them.... what evidence do you have that nobody else has !?!

Oh, and there is a Russian hiding under your bed.

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