How we develop issues

Wondering how we decide what topics to include on our issue pages? It starts with you.

How it works

We invite members to suggest issues by filling out this form on our website or through our Facebook page, where every Friday we invite our followers to put forward the topics that most matter to them.  

Once several members have suggested we cover an issue, we take the following steps:

  • Our editors will thoroughly research the issue and put together a succinct, balanced summary including both pro and con arguments. We'll then start to connect the page to bills and news stories, building it into a clearinghouse for information about the issue.
  • Members are welcome to add their thoughts to the discussion of the issue. Posts are moderated for profanity, personal attacks or potential libel. However, we will never block a post because of opinions expressed in an civil manner by an identified author.
  • If interest in the issue grows, we'll take the next step and reach out to experts on both sides of the issue to describe their areas of agreement and to write "pro" and "con" arguments.
  • Substantive comments by members are used to supplement both our issue facts and the "pro" and "con" sections at the discretion of the issue editors.
  • When appropriate, we will report on the comments on a particular issue page and send them to legislators, committees, or other relevant individuals or groups.

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