HB 426 (2019)

Establishes a committee to study allowing town clerks to accept proof of exemption from the rabies vaccine for the purpose of registering dogs.

HB 439 (2019)

Allows law enforcement to remove a person entering or occupying privately-owned structures or non-open land unless the person has written permission from the owner.

HB 444 (2019)

Imposes a mandatory license suspension of 30 to 120 days for persons who illegally overtake or pass a school bus for a third or subsequent time.

HB 445 (2019)

When determining whether a person qualifies as a habitual offender under the state motor vehicle laws, this bill only allows consideration of a driver's offenses after to the most recent license restoration.

HB 455 (2019)

Changes the penalty for any offense eligible for the death penalty to life imprisonment without parole.

HB 115 (2019)

Revises the licensure and regulation of private investigators, security guards, and bail recovery agents.

HB 372 (2019)

Requires that motorists give a wide berth to all vehicles that are displaying blue, red, or amber emergency or warning lights, rather than just stationary vehicles.

HB 399 (2019)

Establishes a procedure for annulment of arrests or convictions for possession of 3/4 of an ounce or less of marijuana where the offense occurred before September 16, 2017 (when possession of 3/4 of an ounce was decriminalized).


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