This section provides information on the policy issues facing New Hampshire.  Click on a category below to see a list of issues, or explore issues by clicking on one of the following links:

From this year's property taxes to next year's budget, this category includes issues related to taxpayer issues.

Should the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard stay open?
Should NH continue to use property taxes instead of a new broad-based tax, such as an income tax?
Should NH revise the laws governing collective bargaining to shift more power to the state?
Should NH government switch from a pension system to a 401(k)-style retirement plan?
Should NH pass right-to-work legislation?
Do you support the SB2 ballot alternative to annual town meetings?
Should NH pass a constitutional amendment giving the Legislature more control over the distribution of school funding?
Should NH add restrictions on welfare recipients?

Abortion restrictions, immigration enforcement, and welfare restrictions fall in this category, which covers issues related to social services and morality.

Should NH add restrictions on welfare recipients?

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