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Bill would make motorcycle inspections biennial

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This week the House of Representatives will vote on HB 553, a bill that would change motorcycle inspection requirements to once every two years.

Bill supporters argue that the average motorcycle rider puts on many fewer miles than automobile drivers each year, due in part to seasonal restrictions.  As a result, motorcycle parts are unlikely to need replacement within a single year.

Bill opponents argue that motorcycle parts can experience significant wear even while in storage, and the best way to protect the safety of the public is to keep inspections annual.  At the bill hearing, only the bill sponsor testified in favor of the bill.

Do you think NH should change motorcycle inspection requirements to once every two years? Join the discussion on Facebook or comment below. Comments will be included in a summary of this discussion and presented to legislators considering this bill. Only comments from NH residents will be counted, so please indicate if you are from NH in your response.



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