Delivery for fuel assistance recipients?

Jan 22, 2016

BY: Citizens Count

This week, the Senate voted to send SB 100 to interim study, which usually results in the death of a bill during election years.  SB 100 would have required heating fuel companies to deliver products in the winter to customers who qualify for state or local fuel assistance.

The Senate first considered SB 100 (which was sponsored by Sen. Dan Feltes) last year, but tabled it in the hopes an agreement could be reached in 2016.

Supporters of the bill said heating companies, although they are guaranteed payment by fuel assistance programs, often do not deliver their products to low-income customers.

Opponents, however, contend that the bill would have pressured companies to carry more debt and forced smaller ones out of the market altogether. 


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Senator, NH Senate (2014 - present); Attorney, New Hampshire Legal Assistance; Mediator

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