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Food marketing in schools

Mar 28, 2017

BY: Citizens Count

The NH House recently heard testimony on SB 103, a bill aimed at limiting food and beverage advertising and marketing on school property. 

Specifically, the bill would prohibit marketing food that may not be sold on school property during the school day, usually "junk food" or items of low nutritional value. This would apply to advertising on all school property including athletic fields, parking lots, school buses, and textbook covers.

Supporters of the bill argue that most food advertisements promote unhealthy products and affect a child's food choices at school. Concerned about childhood obesity rates, they say that schools should offer healthier food options and promote those options which can lead to better eating habits and decisions. If a child is less exposed to junk food, they will be less likely to want it. 

On the other hand, opponents argue that this is an example of "nanny state" legislation, and local school boards are more than capable of making the decisions about advertising on school property. In addition, advertisements can provide much needed funding for schools, especially in low-income areas. By restricting the type of advertisements allowed, the law limits possible revenue for the school. 

Do you want your representative to vote in favor of SB 103, a bill that limits food and beverage advertising and marketing on school property?​ Leave a comment below to join the discussion. We plan to present a summary of the comments received to legislators. Only comments from NH residents will be counted, so please indicate if you are from NH in your response.


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